Men And Women Communicate Entirely Different From Each Other


Men many times dont realize when they talk to a woman she often can take what has been said in a completely different way than what was meant. Its really no ones fault because women and men are wired differently. Women will use their emotions and will be using both sides of their brains to comprehend the message. Women will use around 4,000 more words during a day than the male. Women love communicating and men will sometimes just tune them out.

Talking to a woman leaving out the language and conversation you would normally have with the guys is really a good idea Some but not most women are not interested in sports, boxing or even racing. Remembering this one rule when you are having a conversation will better help the communication between the two parties.

Being on a date with someone new can sometimes create a sense of awkwardness with your conversation. Make the first move in asking her about herself and her interest. Talk about her favorite book or movie. Take the time to compliment her on her outfit or her hair. Pointing out these kinds of things will let her know you are paying attention to her.

Always look her in the eyes when she is talking and when you carry your part of the conversation. Throwing in some humor will help keep things light and pleasant. Never talk about major world issues on your first few dates If you and your date have clashing opinions on such issues as politics, dont expect to have that second date. Making her feel like there is no one else in the room will have her feeling very special. By the end of the date, both of you should know a little more about each other.

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