Mending Physical & Mental Ailments With Magnets and Electromagnetic Fields

Image from page 51 of “1939 garden manual : featuring 1939 all-America selections flowers and vegetables” (1939)
Title: 1939 garden manual : featuring 1939 all-America selections flowers and vegetables
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Year: 1939 (1930s)
Authors: J. Steckler Seed Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seed industry and trade Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Fruit Seeds Catalogs; Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs
Publisher: New Orleans, La. : Steckler
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Also Swelled cures Roup, Colds, Canker, Head and such disorders. Post- paid Each Lee’s Germozone Liquid— 4-oz. bottle $0.40 $0.50 12-oz. bottle _ 75 .90 32-oz. bottle (not mailable) 1.50 Lee’s Germozone Tablets 25 .30 The Over-Night Roup Remedy This famous remedy gives prompt and positive results. 50c and $1.00. Parcel post, 60c and $1.10. BLACK LEAF 40. Kills poultry lice by painting it on the roosting poles. 1 oz. bottle, 35c; 6 oz., $1.00; 1 lb., $2.25; 2 lbs., $3.25; 5 lbs., $5.85; 10 lbs., $10.60. Postpaid: 1 oz., 45c; 5 oz., $1.10; 1 lb., $2.35; 2 lbs., $3.40; 5 lbs., $6.15; 10 lbs., $10.90. BLACK LEAF 40 WORM POWDER. A flock treatment for all worms in poultry. 100 dose size, 75c; 600 dose, $2.90, postpaid. Talcimized Sodium Fluoride It kills both old and young lice, including the young which hatch from, the eggs present on the fowl at time of treatment. Talcimized Sodium Fluoride is the form for poultrymen to use. Each Postpaid Small size (for 40 chickens) $0.35 $0.40 Large size (twice as much) 60 .70 Poultry Litter A perfect scratching material for baby chicks. A deod- orizer, absorbent disinfectant and labor-saving litter. Va bale, $2.25; per bale, about 16 bushels, $3.50. GRIT. Stonemo brand, fine for chicks, coarse for hens. RED CROSS GRIT. Keeps pigeons in good health. BONE MEAL. Especially made for feeding poultry. Fine and medium ground. CHARCOAL. Fine for chicks, medium for pigeons, coarse for hens. OYSTER SHELL. Fine for chicks and pigeons, coarse for hens. MEAT SCRAPS. A necessity when feeding poultry. Poultry Feeds We handle a full line of feeds. Ingredients are highly guaranteed and of the very best quality. All of ourTeeds are uniform in construction. Due to the fact that the grain markets fluctuate daily, it is impossible for us to add our prices to our feeds, therefore write us for our very low prices on high quality Mashes, Chick and Scratch Grains.

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Steckler’s Day Old Chicks We guarantee 100 per cent live chicks. We can furnish most all breeds. Write for prices. Last season we sold over 150,000 chicks to satisfied cus- tomers. Pratt’s Poultry Regulator Builds up vitality, promotes sound digestion, sharpens appetite, and puts birds into condition for heavy egg laying. 1%-lb. package, 25c; mailed, 40c. Pratt’s N. K. "Split Action" Capsules A special process in this new preparation enables you to obtain a poultry worm capsule in which Kamala and Nico- tine act separately several hours apart. The medicines do not interfere with each other, their action is split just like two worm treatments in one capsule. This is the new way to get most satisfactory results. Adult size—50 caps., 85c; 100 caps., $1.50; 1,000 caps., $10.00. Chick and Pullet size—50 caps., 55c; 100 caps., $1.00; 1,000 caps., $6.50. Pratt’s Animal Regulator 21-oz. pkg., 25c; mailed, 35c. 48-oz. pkg., 50c; mailed, 65c. PIGEONS—Homers, Carneaux and Kings are especially adapted to the South. Homers and Carneaux at $4.50 per pair. White Kings at $5.00 per pair. Common at $1.00 per pair. (Express only.) Not sold except in pairs. HAVE A CONKEY SHELF IN YOUR POULTRY HOUSE We Recommend Conkey’s Remedies for Your Chicken Ailments Old Reliable Powder. Formerly called Roup Remedy. 25c and 50c, postpaid. Salvo. For sorehead. 25c, postpaid. Diatex. For white diarrhoea. 20c and 50c, postpaid. Balmo. For canker. 50c, postpaid. Scaly Leg Remedy. 25c, postpaid. Lice Powder. 15 oz. 40c; 48 oz. 85c, postpaid. Head Lice Ointment. 25c, postpaid. Poultry Worm Remedy. 25c, post- paid. Y-0 Cod Liver Oil. 55c, postpaid. Noxicide. Disinfectant. Pint 50c; quart 80c; y2 gallon $1.50; gal- lon $2.00, not prepaid. Fly Knocker. 1 quart 60c; Vi gallon 90c; gallon $1.50, not pre- paid.

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There are many different ways to see the force of an electromagnetic field. For example, static magnetic fields are involved in the operations of medical equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and X-rays. Electromagnetic radiation showers down from the sun to earth as ultra-violet rays. Radioactive elements found deep below the earth’s surface hold charges which are electromagnetic. Microwaves, mobile phones, refrigerators, and other devices that are electronic, send out their own electromagnetic waves. However, the usage of electromagnetic fields for the treatment and healing of the body is the most intriguing.

Depression is a condition which electromagnetic fields are used for in this modern age, which has also recently been approved by the FDA. One fourth of American women and one tenth of American men, a total of 37 million people, are afflicted with depression. A strong electromagnet excites the left frontal lobe in the brain during trans-magnetic stimulation, energizing brain cells and triggering neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) to perform various things. There’s still a good deal of research left to do, but electromagnetic pulses are attractive because they’re fast, don’t have side effects, and often work on patients when nothing else has.

There has been a positive response to electromagnetic field treatment by MS patients, as shown in several studies. After subjected to 20-30 minutes of duplicate treatments in low-frequency, picoTesla range, electromagnetic fields combined with 15-minute breaks, patients displayed better ambulation and equilibrium. MS patients exhibited the ability to walk upon the trigger of external stimulus. Other studies indicated that excessive tiredness was lowered after ten days of treatment with electromagnetic fields and, in several cases, asesspasticity lowered considerably with electromagnetic stimulation.

The fascinating feature of magnets and electromagnetic field treatment is that magnets can be detected and tracked after they go inside the body. Magnets and nanotechnology are being used by researchers now to obtain a better method to cure cancer. One use for the magnets could be nano-magnets that attach to antibodies. These magnets are then able to affix to cancerous cells, and allow high-powered radio waves to heat up and “fry” the cancer cells, without harming the surrounding, healthy tissue and cells. There’s a long way to go before this field reaches the human testing stage, but it has a lot of promise for future research in electromagnetics and cancer prevention.

Some people are concerned about long-term exposure and the impact from exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially from refrigerators, televisions, radios, cell phones, laptops, and other devices that are electronic. However, the World Health Organization has found no link between cancer and other forms of damage, from radiation coming from electromagnetic waves. In the meantime, scientists continue their attempts at comprehending the way magnets work in the body so that solutions may be found to mend other types of mental and physical ailments.

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