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By Tengrain on 2013-11-21 16:24:43

Mens hair loss or Male pattern baldness is the most recognizable term when it comes to mens hair loss. Most men will see some thinning later in their years but if substantial hair loss begins at age 35 then hair loss will continue at a rapid rate. Mens hair losscan be hereditary and some medications can cause hair thinning as well, even stress can contribute to hair loss. Most studies have shown that hair loss is hereditary. Although this isn’t a reason to ignore hair loss when it happens there are two FDA approved methods for slowing mens hair loss and in some cases it can be stopped.

Male hormones are responsible for hair growth and when there is a decline or prolonged drop the hair follicles cannot regenerate and thus hair thinning which can lead to hair loss occurs. The top part of the head seems to be the most susceptible when hair loss begins, the hair around the ears and towards the back of the head is the last to thin, sometimes it’s the only hair that remains. Men’s hair loss can affect all aspects of a mans life, most leading men in the movies have a full head of hair and many people associate a thick head of hair as a sign of dominance over those who do not.

A mans career often defines who he is but if his appearance doesn’t mirror his achievements he can even feel less than or even think about changing careers if he is frequently presentable to his peers. Relationships can suffer as well; some men who are predestined to hair loss may marry early so they can experience their hair loss with a partner instead of alone. Male pattern baldness should not limit mans dreams or goals if he knows how to effectively deal with it.

Since most men do not like to go to the doctor, unless they absolutely have to, understanding their medical history and how men’s hair loss might affect them is never a topic that is openly addressed. Understanding your medical history can help you to combat hair thinning or hair loss before it begins. Because it can be a gradual loss most men do not do anything until it’s too late. There are ways to slow thinning and even stop hair loss if treated early. Medical advancements have given men a few options when it comes to hair loss. Its worth checking with your doctor if you feel it could affect your life. Most treatments are topical and do not involve any harmful chemicals that can enter the body.

Although men’s hair loss has been occurring for years there have been some men who have embraced their baldness. Many men deal with it by shaving the remaining hair off their heads and begin to take it as a new lease on life. They are not confined by the newest hair style and since those change along with clothing styles as men get older those who accept their hair loss and embrace it can lead a full life without any embarrassment.

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