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Could this occur within authentic go?

I be watching a rerun of ER. In it a girl who be pregnant tried to commit suicide.While they be trying to treat her she pulled out the gastric tube etc. They restrained her and as you would expect, forced treatment. I know this is a no brainer but if…

BiPolar and marrieds – does your spouse ever use it against you too?

My husband other pulls the “you’re too emotional” card out of his butt when we fracas. Especially if he’s surrounded by the wrong. Does anyone else concordat next to this? Are you ever afraid that you’ll NEVER know how to communicate…

How did you quit smoking? How did you operation beside your cravings and cope next to anxiety/nervousness?Thank you!?

I quit cold turkey 5 years ago after smoking for 17 years. It wasn’t easy by any mechanism, but it really wasn’t that hard any. You just involve to accept that you will crave…

I attempted suicide?

On friday I attemted suicide by taking 40 – 50 valium tablets, I be taken to hospital and I amazingly survived (I be taken out yesterday). I spoke to the support workers and I told them I looked-for to die because of the bullying I obtain at college (I’m 15) and I also…

How can I stop anyone so angry?

I have a amazingly, very rock-hard time controlling my temper. I started going to a psychiatrists 3 years ago and I can no longer see him very soon because of my insurance company. Anyway, he used to ask me to talk around my childhood and I would always…

I am fear so massively alone, and worthless right immediately……?

I have lost adjectives of my friends because of my depression, so I have nobody to confide within. I just quality like my live is surrounded by a “nose-dive” heading for a big crash. Has anybody else felt this track before? How…

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