Mexican Retirement Lifestyle ? Clean Air, Clean Community


One new “boutique community” in Playa del Carmen – an innovative, upscale gated Mexican retirement community for residents of all ages, called La Escondida – has moved ahead in leaps and bounds from other developments and even gated communities in terms of offering its residents a distinct lifestyle. One area in which it has moved ahead of the pack is in concern for the environment, both on the large-scale, and in terms of a very high level of cleanliness within the community itself.


Besides a wide range of features to offer the best Mexican retirement lifestyle, including items such as personal chef services, grocery delivery and club house activities for life within the community, and a series of services such as transportation to make outings easy, La Escondida will also include serveral concepts focused on the environment, including:


rain-water capture
solar power
car-free atmosphere


Each of these, in addition to caring for the environment, provides very specific advantages to the residents of this boutique community. The rain-water and solar power complement full urban services, helping to lower costs. The rain water capture also helps lower susceptibility to flooding during the heavy rains of tropical storm season (they come few and far between, but preparation is always necessary.)


The car-free atmosphere helps to keep the air specifically within the gated community very clean, as well as making the entire area safe for all residents to enjoy without worry of traffic. (Shaded, secure parking is provided.)


There is also a recycling program, combining with the other features to allow residents of La Escondida to show their dedication to the environment actively, but also very easily and conveniently.


The environmental program is closely tied into the community’s clean image focus. A system of bylaws will be set up by the community to ensure clean properties, elegant appearance, appropriate use of common areas, respectful conduct (including intoxication and profanity) and pets. Combined, these two programs will allow residents of La Escondida to enjoy a very relaxing, convenient and pleasant lifestyle in a community that is clean, very well kept up, and visually appealing. Both will also help to keep costs low for property owners.


If a lifestyle like this sounds appealing to you, La Escondida is one of your best choices in Mexico and beyond.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely


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