Mexico Retirement Lifestyle “?” Community Clubhouse For Social Activity

.tags One of the main factors for choosing a community for your retirement will be the number of nearby spaces for getting to know people, spending time with friends, etc. This is why La Escondida, a Mexico retirement community, in Playa del Carmen, has included a community clubhouse in its design.

This clubhouse will serve as an integral part of a larger design focused on developing a Mexican retirement lifestyle at its best. The clubhouse itself is located in the central point of this small gated community, with easy walking access from all 50 properties, near the pools, swim-up bar and the reception area at the entrance.

Some of the clubhouse features include:

Card and pool tables. This will be a great place to hang out with your neighbors you meet on a day to day basis, getting to know new friends. When friends and family visit, this will be a great place to enjoy quality time together. The very large green areas, swimming pools, golf practice greens and shaded outdoor areas also contribute to this factor.

Fitness center. Retirees are becoming more and more aware of the importance of an active lifestyle, to keep healthy before problems arrise. Living in a place where there is a fitness center right on hand, with other people who are also keeping fit, makes this much easier.

This combines with the outdoor spaces as well, and the car-free community to make a healthy lifestyle easy. (Shaded parking is provided for car owners, as well as community transportation and baggage delivery you will only get workouts when you want them!)

Electronic library. A part of being active is also keeping your mind fit. Have access to the internet and selection of electronic books will help you keep in touch with your favorite classics, as well as discover new reading pleasures.

As already mentioned, this clubhouse is part of an overall design concept to make it easy for residents enjoy life, be healthy and spend time with friends. In addition to the large yard areas, the pools, the putting greens and the front-door drop-off/pick-up service with baggage handling, La Escondida also includes a concierge service and an on-site tour service designed to help residents make the most of the many benefits of the surrounding area.

La Escondida offers much more than a nice place to live for retirement, it really offers a Mexican retirement lifestyle!; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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