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The Network Marketing industry is full of rags to riches stories and they don’t write them any better than they do Mike Dillard’s. He was struggling waiter who was struggling to keep a roof over his head as pawned all his valuables just so he could have enough food to make it to the next month that wouldn’t be any better than the last. He went from his hand to mount existence to being multi millionaire in two years after discovering the Attraction marketing principles he now calls Magnetic Sponsoring. He found that applying this, people were literally queuing up to pay him, people he hadn’t even spoken to or solicited over the phone. This secret he now shares with 100,000 entrepreneurs in over 65 countries who subscribe to his 10 day boot camp newsletter.

Mike Dillard is considered by his peers as authority on attraction marketing because of his groundbreaking magnetic sponsoring formula. Many of today’s Marketing “gurus” and 7-figured network Marketers have taken Dillard’s Magnetic sponsoring system. The technique involves no cold calling which any marketers dreaded task, no going to meetings which no rejection and no selling. And just by saying that anybody who wants to have a 7 figure income would have their interest piqued, enough to want to know what this magical system is.

That was challenging the sales routine of face to face selling, the cold-calls that ended mostly with many annoyed people hanging um or “ahemming” through 10 minutes of a not-so-free call on your side to end up saying – “sorry not interested, maybe next month.” Dillard speaks of positioning oneself but only as the best and most qualified person that people should contact. There’s a plan that people can use to get rich and they won’t have to do anything except if they came to you for the plan and coming to you means they’d be willing to spend some money to learn what your secrets are, that’s one way to go. If you are already in the network marketing business, it becomes a great tool to use to draw more people to your down-line as well as help you become a better sponsor to everyone else. But it’s not just about getting people to buy into a plan, the important thing is the actual plan itself, that is it works and has done so over and over for Dillard and many others in the network marketing industry. You can appreciate the simple genius that the system starts out as and it unfolds into something bigger. Magnetic sponsoring has proven to be the most effective viral marketing system on the market

Many people find Mike Dillard’s approach refreshing. Dillard also offers courses, books and videos on Magnetic sponsoring. His products including the Black Belt Recruiting training program and PPC Domination packages are currently being shipped along with the flagship Magnetic Sponsoring program to over 44 countries. Some products are available as e books that can be bought anywhere. Mike is a founder member of Better Networker a networking site which offers a platform for networkers to learn and exchange information, membership to Better Networker is free.

There are guarantees that Dillard makes on all his products for instance, if you can’t sponsor ten people into your marketing business every month over a period of twelve months, you can return the product for a full refund. You get to keep all the bonuses you managed to earn during that time. Building on a Budget course also has a money back guarantee if you don’t earn more than you did after using the product. As for Black Belt recruiting, it can be returned at any point. The guarantees alone are enough to prove that he has much more faith in his products than most people would, as surely the standard 30 or 60 day money back guarantee will not work on a Network marketing programs of course. There is a lot to be said and learnt from a man who’s had over 109,000 web pages and videos about him posted on the web.

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