Modern Man – How to Attract Women


To attract women you need to have game. You need to practice ahead of time things you will want to talk about. This way, you will not suffer from silence and let the women walk away from you since she is bored. Think of some interesting topics to talk about ahead of time. Try to think about current events to strike up a conversation with a woman. Do not bring up political conversations with her, as you have no idea where she stands on issues. This could be extremely disastrous.

Another point on how to attract women is to be amusing. Share laughs together during your conversation. Women love playful laughing.

Attracting beautiful women works the best when you just try to be yourself. As long as you do not act like a rude jerk or talk like a dork, you can attract women. Ask her what her hobbies are. You can question her on the work she does for her hobby. For instance, if she loves to paint, ask her what type of painting. Maybe she paints with oils or watercolors. Ask her what style of paintings she does such as landscapes, modern art, animals, portraits, etc. Your conversation can go on from there. Maybe you want to even hire her to paint your niece and nephew for a gift. This will get her to give you her business card and phone number.

If the attractive woman likes to freelance write you can ask her what projects she has done. Maybe she wrote a book, short stories for other people, writes online and/or newspaper articles, or she may have a magazine column. You can find out what magazine she writes for and tell her you would be interested in reading her work. Perhaps she even does advertising and marketing for businesses. If you have your own business or know of someone who has their own business, she may be able to help them as her client. This is another great way to get her phone number on her business card. Even if you do not know of anyone who could use her services, try to get her business card so you can call her. Who knows, maybe down the road you will think of someone that can actually use her services.

Another way on how to attract women is to stay masculine acting. Do not be too feminine as this can make you appear weak. The woman you are interested in most likely has enough girlfriends; she does not need an emotional wreck on her hands as a boyfriend.

Do dress nicely as first appearances can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. This does not mean you have to go out and buy all Armani suits. This just means to wear nice clothes, even blue jeans and a nice shirt, that are not all torn and are not filled with wrinkles.

If you follow the above suggestions, you are on your way to attracting beautiful women.

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