More People Using Natural Sleep Aids


With more people every year turning to natural or alternative treatments, the use of natural sleep aids is on the rise. It’s not surprising since alternative and holistic health practices are quickly becoming part of the mainstream. In fact, more people are using natural remedies every year, and the percentage has been rising steadily over the last three decades.

Insomnia is one of the most common complaints doctors hear from their patients, but many are hesitant to prescribe sleeping pills due to the potential side effects and other complications of their use. This is in sharp contrast to the manner in which sleeping aids are pushed by manufacturers. You can’t get through an evening of television programming without seeing an advertisement for at least one prescription or over the counter sleep medication.

Natural Sleeping Aids are Part of the Holistic Health Movement

Holistic healthcare focuses not only on the symptoms, but the root of our medical problems, which is why it’s extremely popular with young families who are savvy about their health. Rather than simply temporarily masking a symptom (insomnia) with another symptom (drugged sleep), natural sleeping aids focus on why you can’t sleep. A natural sleep aid will help you relax if you are tense or to help alleviate anxiety if you are overly stressed. Both tension and stress are common causes of insomnia in adults.

People prefer natural remedies for their lack of side effects as well. While many sleeping pills contain ingredients that can cause allergic or adverse reactions, natural sleeping aids seldom if ever cause a problem. They are derived from natural plant extracts or are chemicals (such as melatonin) that our own bodies naturally produce. For the same reasons, you won’t become addicted to a natural sleeping aid. You can use one as long as necessary, and when you no longer need it, you will sleep fine without help and with no unexpected side effects.

Natural Sleeping Aids are Gentler

The most common ingredients in natural sleep aids include Valerian and Lemon Balm, two plant derived ingredients that are gentle to your stomach and central nervous system. You can use them to help you relax, unwind and prepare your mind for sleep without waking up with the groggy, unfocused hangover that many people experience from prescription sleep aids, which often contain narcotics or other harsh drugs.

It’s also nice to know you can keep a natural sleep aid on hand for whenever you may need it. Most of us don’t have insomnia on a regular basis, so we don’t see our doctors about the problem. If you occasionally experience insomnia, however, you don’t want to be lying awake all night, staring at the ceiling because you didn’t know you would need a sleep aid on that particular night. You can purchase natural sleep aids from any most major pharmacies, online or from a health food store. This way, any time you have trouble falling asleep, you have a gentle, effective way to alleviate the problem without waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Consider a Combination Approach

You can safely combine more than one natural sleep aid for maximum effect if you know what amounts to take of each one. In fact, there are currently several versions on the market that have been developed by holistic health practitioners and doctors that have already done this for you. The most effective ones usually contain a blend of Melatonin, Valerian and Lemon Balm. This unique combination relieves anxiety, induces relaxation and helps to reset your own internal biological clock – all of which contribute to falling asleep faster and at the proper time.

If you would like to get rid of insomnia without pumping yourself full of potentially addictive or harsh prescriptions, look for all natural ingredients in the sleep aid you choose. By using a natural sleep aid, you protect both your body and your sleep.

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