Morning Sickness Cures – 5 Home Treatments For Morning Sickness


Morning sickness cures are probably the first thing an expectant mother asks about after her first experience with the onset of pregnancy related queasiness and sickness.

In excess of 75% of all pregnant women will experience pregnancy sickness at some point during their pregnancy. 

In this article we will examine the top 5 home cures for morning sickness.  They are:

Ginger – Ginger is one of the more helpful morning sickness remedies around.  It is a impressive herb that has been used for many years to heal many ailments including morning sickness. 

Ginger starts to bring comfort from queasiness and vomiting almost instantly by soothing and settling the stomach.

You can purchase ginger in a various of forms including tea, capsules, crystallized and hard candy.

Although, most women find that tea is supplementary soothing.  When preparing ginger tea, fresh ginger is recommended.

Shred some fresh ginger in a cup of hot water and let it sit for five minutes or so before drinking.

Sea Bands – Acupressure is basically a type of acupuncture with no the needles
Acupressure bands go on your wrist and are designed to trigger the p6 pressure point inside of your wrist.  This specific pressure point has been proven to stop queasiness associated with morning sickness or motion sickness.

Acupressure bands are safe and can be worn all day or night.

Controlling Your Food Intake – One of the recommended ways to control your bouts of morning sickness is by controlling your food consumption.  You should by no means permit yourself to grow too hungry or overly stuffed.

The recommended way to do this is by consuming smaller meals during the day.  You should not go more three hours without having a light meal.

This will reduce the amount of queasiness and vomiting you suffer from. 

Furthermore, be sure to drink plenty of water.  Staying hydrated is very important.  If you can’t endure large amounts of fluid, sip on water, gingerale or a beverage of your choice throughout the day.

Rest –  It is imperative that you obtain ample rest when you are expecting, especially during the morning sickness period. Morning sickness tends to be worse when your body is exhausted and stressed out. 

Attempt to get a minimum of eight or more hours of sleep every evening.  And if feasible a power nap or two during the day.  You will be astonished at how much better you feel.

dry toast – It is believed that crackers or dry  toast are effective at absorbing some of the additional stomach acids, and in turn decrease the sensation of nausea.

For the best results, snack on a few crackers before bed every night and prior to getting out of bed each day.

These are the best 5 home based morning sickness cures.  Utilizing one or more of these techniques ought to extensively decrease the amount of nausea and vomiting you have while enduring this brief period of morning sickness.

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