Most Annoying Cheatings among Celebrity Couples 2010


Besides and behind million-dollar wedding ceremonies among Hollywood celebrity couples, fans all over the world get shocked with annoying breakups due to their cheating on each other. It’s just several days for the year of 2010 to pass out raising celebrity-news annals including “The Year of the Breakup 2010”. The desirable celebrity couples such as Tony Parker – Eva Longoria, Mike Nilon – Garcelle Beauvais, Jesse James – Sandra Bullock, Vienna Girardi – Jake Pavelka, Elizabeth Hurley – Arun Nayar have experienced such terrible moments in their life to see infidelities. Below is the list of most annoying cheatings and shocking breakups among Hollywood couples during the year of 2010.


The Oscar winner Sandra Bullock busted in tear when her husband Jesse James cheated on her with the tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. The couple divorced in June 2010.


Jesse James – Sandra Bullock


While Vienna Girardi’s boyfriend Jake Pavelka was engaged in filming in 2,000-mile distance, she dated to Greek actor Gregory Michael. Vienna Girardi and Gregory Michael experienced memorial weekends together, but they separated.


Vienna Girardi – Jake Pavelka


Tony Parker cheated on his wife Eva Longoria with a former’s wife San Antonio Spurs teammate, Erin Barry. It was so difficult for Eva Longoria to take the balance of life, then the couple officially split up on November 17.


Tony Parker – Eva Longoria


“NYPD Blue” star Garcelle Beauvais suffered from her husband’s cheatings with his old classmates. For 9 years, Mike Nilon had been in relationship with at least 5 women, his old classmates in Chicago University.


Mike Nilon – Garcelle Beauvais


The 45-year-old Hollywood hottie Elizabeth Hurley has been trying to conceal her relationship with an Australian footballer Shane Warne. However, the relationship between Elizabeth Hurley with her husband has been in danger of breakup.


Elizabeth Hurley – Arun Nayar


The National Football League’s football star Tiki Barber said goodbye to his pregnant wife Ginny Cha after 11-year marriage life. The couple divorced in April 2010 after Tiki Barber’s cheating on Ginny Cha with the hottie Traci Lynn Johnson.


Tiki Barber – Ginny Cha


The pop star Justin Timberlake was soaked in 3-day love with the beautiful Daily Show reporter Olivia Munn in September after he told lies on Olivia Munn of his breakup with Jessica Biel.


Justin Timberlake – Jessica Biel


MTV star Tom Lippolis said goodbye with Tom Lippolis after her photo streams of kisses between her and a man named Roger Matthews were unveiled.


J-Woww – Tom Lippolis


“Bones” star David Boreanaz admitted that he cheated on his wife Jaime Bergman after 9-year marriage life on May 2010 with new girlfriend Rachel Uchitel.


David Boreanaz – Jaime Bergman


Camille Grammar’s husband after 13-year marriage life dated to Kayte Walsh while Camille Grammar was busy with Real Housewives’s project at Beverly Hills. At present, the couple have been preparing for their wedding ceremony.


Kelsey Grammer – Camille Grammar



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