Mr Heater MH18B Portable “Big Buddy” Heater


Bought my huge Buddy simply over a year ago mainly for emergency heat in case of power outages throughout our very cold winters here within the higher plains. Fortunately i have never had to use it for that purpose. within the past week I actually have used it twice within the garage, once when developing a brand new table saw and once more on Thanksgiving morning after I was smoking a turkey and deep frying another one. Set my cookers up OUTSIDE the garage door(a SAFE distance away) so as to observe them through the garage door window(out of the wind). Set the BB up within, connected to a 20lb tank with the twelve ft hose with regulator and cranked it up. The garage is an previous detached 2 automobile unit with an oversized attic house and is neither airtight or insulated. I did not expect the BB to heat the complete house and it did not. I place it facing my monitoring position regarding five ft away and turned on the fan. It place out lots of heat and kept me terribly comfy despite the low single digit ambient air temperatures outside. I ran it for six hours. It wasn’t nearly as cold after I assembled the saw. I started employing a single one lb tank and it worked simply in addition, whereas it lasted (about an hour). that is after I hooked it up to the twenty lb tank and continued the assembly. i’m designing on obtaining the AC to DC converter to be used within the garage, however the fan remains running well on the used batteries I 1st place in it.

Because of these “test” runs, i’m very assured that BB can perform well when place to emergency use. i am going to keep one or two of one lb tanks accessible, however i am going to even be able to place the twenty lb tank (I keep a pair of crammed ones on hand)on the porch (safety again) and run the hose within to the BB and keep our closed off LR, DR and kitchen tolerable. i would not suggest testing the low oxygen shutoff feature, thus take care to crack a window an in. or 2 (I’m still thinking safety here folks).

As that hose, filter, connectors, etc. work along, that has already been well coated. it’d be a large facilitate if Mr. Heater may lay it all out concisely on their web site. I did pay several hours researching this before I figured it out.

See Mr Heater MH18B Portable “Big Buddy” Heater

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