MTV VMA’s – Kanye West Sings “Runaway” and I Literally Runaway


So I was flipping through channels and caught the second half of the MTV video music awards.. I usually don’t watch the channel anymore seeing as it doesn’t play music.. Go figure.

But as I tuned in I found myself stopped as Taylor Swift sang one of her new songs, which opened to the playing back of clips from last years VMA’s in which Kanye frankly humiliated Swift as she accepted one of her first major awards. It was good to see that Taylor took it in good stride and made her way back on this year’s awards with a hot new song. I applaud Swift for her courage, and only feel bitterness for Mr. West as the months go by.. But can you blame me?

And so the music awards continue with the kind of same boring stuff we’re used to.. Sex, money and well.. Justin Bieber. As I was about to flip the channel, I see an image that almost caused me to throw my 4ft glass bong through the TV screen.. Okay, so I don’t have a bong, but I was in fact shocked to see that Kanye, yet again, was let back into the awards.

It amazes me that after the blatant disrespect Kanye has shown so many times on this award show alone, they would still let him in. But hey, ratings equal money. So instead of changing the channel, I sat there in hopes that just maybe, Kanye would use this time to apologize to Swift and his fans for being such an A-hole. But even after getting called an “Ass” by President Obama, Kanye did what he always does..

He sang a stupid song, filled with profanity, which basically consisted of calling out all those who oppose him.

Big surprise. Kanye comes on, sings a song catered to his massive ego, then fans applaud and scream his name.. and all is right again in the “MTV world.”

And now I remember why I don’t watch the VMA’s anymore..

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