Muay Thai Safe Sparring


If you’ve decided to take up the sport Muay Thai, probably you already know that this is one of the most intense and high impact contact sport existed. Certainly, all level of Muay Thai can develop a great physique and increases the cardio of its practitioners. Learning this method gives numerous benefits as you enter the MMA ring while at the same time having some fun combining all the techniques. Anyhow to master this art, you’ll need to give ample amount of effort on your training. However, before you start your training, always remember these basic things to safely practice and spar in Muay Thai.

Warming up before a spar
Warming up before engaging into a sparring is extremely important. This does not only gives you time to ready yourself for the training but, it also stretches all the nerves and muscles in your body. Muscles and nerves which are immobilized can cause an injury when stretched swiftly without warming it up. Generally, warm ups may aid you on concentrating your ideas and techniques regarding on how to take down an opponent. When the human body is moving the flow of our blood is constantly at its best. Warm ups also aids the human body to reduce the damage taken causes by an impact.

Wear proper sparring gears
Always make sure to wear the proper gear while you are training. This includes mouth guard, proper size of boxing gloves, shin guards and padded headgear. These gears can absorb the impact of an attack and protects the body of the user. Also, never forget to wear a chest protector if you are engaged in extreme and high impact sparring.

Moderate sparring impact
When you practice make sure that your safety is on the top list. Basically martial art is developed for the usage of self defense, which also means safety. So if you sensed that your sparring partner is too much for you to handle, then you can ask your coach or your trainer to pair you with someone with lower intensity. That way, you can practice safely while at the same time learning the art and enjoying the fun while executing it.

An astonishing sport like Muay Thai may help its practitioner to show out the best of their ability and increases their knowledge at self defense. So, keep practicing through sparring, learn and experience the way of martial art. But, always keep yourself and others around you safe and free from any injury.

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