Muscle Soreness Mystery – Should You WORK OUT or NOT?

Muscle Soreness Mystery – Should You WORK OUT or NOT?

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If you have been working out for any length of time or especially if you are new to lifting weights, you have no doubt felt muscle soreness. The question everyone who has felt this wants to know is, “should I workout if my muscles are sore”?

In this video I cover the answer to that question and start by getting you to ask an even more important thing. That is, what type of soreness do you have? Are you really experiencing muscle soreness after your workout or is it joint pain or tendon discomfort.

There are a few quick and easy ways to tell the difference between joint pain and normal post workout soreness. The first of these is to palpate the muscle that is sore and determine where you are feeling the pain. If your muscles are sore in the belly of the muscle rather than either of the two endpoints (origin and insertion) then you are more likely dealing with normal DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Next, if your muscle soreness seems to come on immediately after your workout rather than 24 to 48 hours after, then you are likely dealing with something other than normal discomfort.

Finally, if you can get someone to move your affected muscles through space (like lifting your arm up over your head for you if you have a sore shoulder), you can determine if the pain is more joint or muscle in origin.

In terms of recovering from muscle soreness the absolute best way is through proper rest and supplementation. Providing your muscles with the right nutrients is absolutely the fastest way to speed up muscle recovery. For an example of this, read this email that I received from an ATHLEAN-Rx supplement user Nate Eswine. Yep, he’s a bit crazy with this workout he did, but the take home message is how he recovered from such an insane assault so fast.


I hope you are able to read this.

My friend and I are 18 years old and have been following your programs since AX-1, and truly respect your knowledge, creativity and craft with fitness. We’ve been taking your RX supplements like it’s our religion. And I can honestly say they are without a doubt the best supplements on this earth. We’ve tried everything on the shelf, and nothing compares to the purity and power inside each of those three little black tubs.

With all of that in mind, we got inspired by all the challenges in the AX programs- and we decided to push ourselves with an INSANE challenge that we created.

This definitely falls into the realm of overtraining, but keep in mind this was only done once and absolutely not weekly!

The challenge (inspired by the 300 workout) was as follows:

1. Pullups (143 reps, assisted)
2. Deadlifts (143 reps, 95lbs)
3. Pushups (143 reps)
4. Box Jumps (143 reps, 24inch platform)
5. Leg Lifts (143 reps, holding a 95lb bar over our heads)
6. Single Arm Clean and Press (70 reps each arm, 15lbs)
7. Pullups [again!] (143 reps, assisted)

This completes 1 round. The challenge was to finish 1 round in under 1 hour, and do a total of 3 rounds. We finished each round with 2-3 minutes to spare before hour 2 and hour 3 hit- and we were back at it!

In the end, we accomplished a total of 3 rounds- finishing with a total of 3,003 reps!!

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’re convinced that we are mental- and truth be told, we are. BUT, we were smart with our supplementation.

We took a scoop and a half of your pre-workout before hand, and 3,000 reps later took 2 scoops of the post-workout. We went home and took 2 scoops of the recovery shake and crashed haha. We were out until later that evening, and took two more scoops and fell asleep again until the next day!

Here’s what’s crazy (besides the challenge we conjured up)- we WERE NOT that sore….like at all. My only guess is it had to be the supplements….

It’s true we trained hard, and we trained long, but it would have been one or the other without your supplements, motivation, inspiration and a little insanity.

Thanks again Jeff for everything, you have been such a great fitness mentor!
-Nathan and Gabriel

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