My Medifast Food Review

By Michael Stern on 2014-11-18 18:22:35

Some of the more common questions people ask me are “what does the medifast food really taste like?” or “how bad is it?”, etc.  The truth is, the food is not at all bad – most of it anyway. In this article, I’ll review some of the more popular foods on this plan and tell you how good (or bad) the food really is.

Medifast Shakes Review and Taste: There’s no mistaking that the shakes are what this diet is known for, although there are many other options (I don’t think that most people realize this.)  However, I must admit that they are pretty tasty, filling and not at all chalky. Nor do they have the nasty after taste that you might remember from older diets like slim fast.

You also have a few options with them.  You can go with the kind that are already made and are sort of like a kid’s juice or milk box with a straw (the ready to drink option) or you might also like those that you mix in your blender.  I actually use them both (I keep the ready to drink in my car), but I prefer the blender kind (called the 55).  I like being able to control the texture as I prefer to make them a bit thinner.  I also like to add in fat free syrups (caramel, chocolate, raspberry, etc.)  These shakes come in pretty decent flavors like Dutch Chocolate, Swiss Mocha, French Vanilla, etc.

Medifast Bars Taste And Texture: These are probably my second favorite in the line up.  I have a definite sweet tooth and these help fit the bill.  Again, I was worried about the texture.  I feared they might be dry or crumbly (kind of like the cardboard protein bars that are common on the market, but I was pleasantly surprised. Many of these bars actually trend more on the chewy side. My favorite is the peanut butter, but I also like the chocolate mint and carmel nut.

Recently, medifast has added pancakes and brownies and I really love both of them.

Other Medifast Foods That I Think Are Pretty Good: Other standouts for me that I eat quite regularly are the eggs, oatmeal, cappuccino, chili, and pudding.  I was afraid the eggs would remind me of a hospital cafeteria, but they don’t.  I dress them up when I have time with fat free cheese and red peppers.  They are also a nice base for wraps.  The oatmeal taste a great deal like the kind you get at the grocery store.  The pudding is good as is, but it is also very versatile.  You can use it as a main ingredient for recipes that allow you to make goodies like muffins and cookies. I use the chili in a similar way that I use the eggs – as a base for wraps and burritos, but it is fine straight up.  The cappuccino has saved me many a calorie and tons of money at Starbucks.

The Foods On Which I Pass: I honestly find most of the medifast foods to be quite edible, but there are a few that I just can’t stomach.  I’ve never been partial to the stews.  The chili is so much better.  And, I don’t like the fruit drinks straight up, but I find them perfectly acceptable over shaved ice as a snow cone.

My Overall Opinion On Medifast Foods: Over all, I would rate this food as a good bit better than I expected.  The foods are high in protein and some of it has some soy, so I was afraid of texture and after taste, but I have not had any problem.  And this food doesn’t have the chalky issue that many diets have.  Yes, this is diet food, so you can’t expect it to taste like restaurant food (although the brownies and pancakes are close.) It’s perfectly acceptable and once you see the results that many see on this diet, you really start to no longer focus on the food, but on the results.  At least that has been my experience.

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