My Natural Skin Care Remedies

My Natural Skin Care Remedies

Happy Easter everyone! What a wonderful time to be with loved ones, celebrate with your Church and community and also get some much needed RnR! I hope I’ll be able to do a bit of it all!

What I know for sure is that I’ll be taking good care of my myself, body, mind and soul, starting with self-care.

In this video I’ll be highlighting some natural skin care remedies that work great for me and I’m sure can work great for you too!


Remedy 1: Lemon and Sugar
Remedy 2: Honey
Remedy 3: Olive Oil

Disclaimer – If you feel that you have a certain skin condition, please refer to a dermatologist because I’m no expert in that department and I can’t say that these remedies work for sure when it comes to skin conditions. Thank you!

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Video edited by Mos Mwaniki


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