Natural Cold Treatments


Many people suffer from runny nose, cough, itchy throat, sneezing, mild fatigue and even fever less than 102 degrees. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, Americans spent $ 1.5 billion on cold and flu supplements and other “immunity boosters” in 2007. Many have to drink pills to treat the symptoms; others search for herbal remedies which do not seem to prevent colds but help shorten symptoms’ duration. Here are some well-known natural cold remedies.


In Asia, ginseng is taken to foster energy, stamina, and overall health. Ginseng roots are taken orally as nourishing stimulants and in the treatment of type II diabetes. It is also believed to be effective in fighting the common cold. A 2005 study by Canadian researcher showed that taking ginseng every day helped reduce duration of cold symptoms.


Ginseng helps prevent colds.


The herb Echinacea purpurea is an ideal herbal cold treatment. The herb’s effectiveness depends on the preparation. David Leopold, the director of integrative medical education at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and a faculty member with the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference, suggests mixing 15 to 20 drops of an Echinacea tincture with warm water four or five times a day.


Echinacea purpurea has a cone-shaped flowering head.


Zinc, an essential mineral and a known antioxidant, was proved to reduce the duration of the common cold to 4.4 days from 7.6 days.


Dr Leopold says that many oral supplements may stimulate the immune system and help the body heal.


It is possible that Vitamin C, an essential nutrient found mainly in fruits and vegetables, is the most studied of the available alternative remedies. According to Steve Gardner, litigation director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, vitamin C brings benefits including reducing the severity or duration of a cold.


Adult women should drink 75 milligrams of vitamin C everyday and the intake for adult men is 90 milligrams.



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