Natural Colon Cleansing – A Natural Recipe For a Clean Colon


Both modern day science and ancient medical science agree that most health problems can be directly related to improper digestion and or an impacted colon. And with colon cancer on the rise, it has become even more important to maintain the health of your digestive system. Don’t wait until you start to display any symptoms of a toxic colon! It is very easy to start a colon cleansing program right from home with our natural recipe for a clean colon. However, you will first want to get your physicians approval before beginning any program.

One of the first things you can do, is to start eating a healthier diet. Many people go days and days without eating whole nutritious foods. Our modern day lifestyle is inundated with overly processed junk foods. Try to stick to eating whole foods in their natural state. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean proteins are your best bet and when it comes to carbohydrates try to eat only whole grain products.

When preparing these foods, try steaming, baking or grilling in order to maintain the vitamins and nutrients found inside. Overcooking many vegetables can rob them of most of their nutrients and fiber.

Next, it is important to drink a lot of water. Water keeps your body hydrated and keeps your digestive system regular. Aim for at least 64 ounces of water a day; that coupled with the fiber from your diet, should keep you regular. When you become dehydrated, it slows down all of your systems, including digestion and you become constipated. Staying regular can be as easy as eating your fruits an veggies and drinking plenty of water.

In addition, it is equally important to get some physical activity everyday. It is recommended that a person get 30 minutes of physical activity every day. It does not have to overly strenuous but at least some movement every day is a good idea.

If you have not been living this type of lifestyle and want to start to detoxify your body, it is really very simple to start. As mentioned above, start to eat healthier, drink water, exercise and try to do a natural colon cleanse. The following is our natural recipe to detoxify your colon.

You will want to pick a day when you can stay home, rest and keep near a restroom. Also, make sure you have had a bowl movement within the last 24 hours before doing this cleanse.

First thing in the morning, before eating any food, prepare the following recipe:

8 cups pure, filtered drinking water

1 tablespoon good quality grey sea salt

Combine the ingredients and boil over high heat, stirring until all of the salt dissolves. This will make a very salty sort of “tea” and if it is not salty, add more salt as needed. Within the next 45 minutes, drink the warm salt water. If you can’t stomach the taste, you may add lemon or lime juice in order to help you drink all of the liquid.

After consuming all of the liquid, you may feel queasy and get a headache. This is natural, as the salt is drawing out toxins and carrying them through the intestinal tract. You will also have many bowl movements in order to rid the body of the salt water and toxins. These bowl movements may last for a few hours so it is a good idea to take it easy, stay home and rest.

This natural colon cleanse can be done safely once a week for a few weeks, while you are making the healthy changes to your diet and exercise regime. You will begin to notice an increased energy level and lightness about your body many people also notice a sense of well being.

Once you are on track, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, exercising and having regular bowl movements, this cleanse can be repeated every six months or so.

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