Natural Eye-Care- With Ayurveda


AlgrCare is one of the highly potent products of Ayurveda which is made up of a unique combination of natural herbs that are immensely valuable in treating all kinds of allergies. The herbs constituting this health supplement have a holistic influence on the balancing and nourishment of the entire physiology. Do you often encounter red, swollen and painful eyes when exposed even to the tiniest of the dust? And do you frequently experience watery eyes, producing excessive mucus and tears? Well! All these clearly indicate the over-sensitivity of your eyes towards all possible types of eye-allergies.

Eye allergies seem to be a common phenomena pertaining to our highly polluted physical surroundings. It has been reported that allergies of all types have increased on a massive scale in the UK and many other western countries since 1991. People of all age groups- from children to youth to adults- all are equally prone to such allergies. Eye allergies can further trigger other problems such as conjunctivitis and asthma.

Eye allergies are basically caused due to the presence of enormous allergens in the air. These allergens cause irritation and itching when they come in contact with the eyes and nose. The most common air allergens include pollens, molds, grass, weeds and dust. Besides outdoor allergens, there is also a threat from various indoor allergens such as dust mites, cockroaches and pet dander etc. There are certain kinds of food items that may also cause some allergy to the eyes. Sometimes cosmetics or other antibiotic drugs including eye-drops may also aggravate the allergy as some people are allergic to preservatives present in them.

Eye allergies are always accompanied by itching and this is particularly true in case of allergic conjunctivitis in which the primary function is ocular itching. Other common signs of eye allergies include red, swollen and itchy eyes. Besides, there remains a burning sensation and mattering or mucus production. One may also experience blurred vision and tearing sensation in eyes. And beyond these obvious symptoms, a person suffering from such allergic reaction may also experience fatigue and insomnia.

An intense self-care is needed along with proper medical remedies for the treatment of eye-allergies. One of the simplest and the most basic steps in self-care is the avoidance of allergens. So it is important for people to realize the particular agents that they are allergic to, in order to avoid direct exposure to them. Keeping a clean and dust-free environment by making use of barriers and filters can also be very effective for protecting the eyes. There are also some natural herbs which have been considered good for keeping the eye-allergies under control. Rose water, Red Raspberry leaves, Cayenne and Bayberry bark are some of the valuable herbs in the treatment of eye allergies.

Ayurveda is also a great herbal care solution for treating all kinds of allergies through its wide range of herbal health supplements. One of its products named AlgrCare is a highly potent herbal formula for all kinds of allergies relating to eyes, food, seasonal allergies and other indoor and outdoor allergies.

AlgrCare is an Ayurvedic Treatment for Eyes helps in eliminating toxins while stabilizing the nervous system and enlivening the body’s natural healing abilities. With its naturally effective ingredients, this herbal supplement naturally reduces the allergy symptoms and eliminates inflammation.


Discover naturally fresh eyes, free from all kinds of allergies by taking herbal health supplements and herbal supplements which are highly efficient range of Ayurveda’s age-old health secrets.

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