Natural Remedies For Lowering Cholesterol – Powerful Ideas For Cholesterol Reduction


However, I have been reading more and more about doctors who are encouraging their patients to get off of statin medications because of the severe side effects that are associated with them. As many as 25% of individuals who use these medications end up experiencing muscle pain and twitching. Some even end up with severe damage to the kidneys and liver.

However, a natural approach to lowering cholesterol has been proven to be just as effective as cholesterol medication. Here are the three most effective things you can do to reduce high cholesterol levels without having to resort to cholesterol medication.

1. Changes in Diet-Increasing the amounts of foods that are high in fiber in your diet is extremely beneficial for cholesterol readings. Most vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts contain high amounts of fiber. They also have the added benefit of providing plant sterols which substantially reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream.

However, this is only half of the diet equation. The other essential step you must take is to begin eating fewer servings of those foods that contain high cholesterol and high amounts of saturated fat such as what is found in beef and pork.

These foods are responsible for a rapid increase in LDL cholesterol levels as well as increasing triglycerides.

2. Increased Amounts of Exercise-30 minutes of exercise three or four times a week can help raise HDL cholesterol levels as well as assist in weight loss. It is a known fact that losing weight leads to lower cholesterol readings.

3. Begin Taking Cholesterol Supplements-There are some very effective natural products for lowering cholesterol available on the market today. Look for those that contain high amounts of plant sterols combined with other natural substances that have been proven effective in reducing cholesterol levels.

Making these three steps a part of your cholesterol reducing routine will quickly provide the results you’re looking for. I invite you to visit my website where discuss the best natural remedies for lowering cholesterol including foods, diets and cholesterol-lowering supplements.

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