Natural Remedy For Eczema – 2 Important Steps to Clearing And Preventing Eczema


Eczema is not an easy skin condition to live with, even when it appears that it is under control, something sets off an attack that puts you back to square one. Many people simply put up with the condition, however there are simple methods to keep the skin from flaring up which allow you to live an eczema free life.

Following are what I would consider the two most important steps to include in a natural remedy for eczema

Keeping the skin clean and moisturized – To some, this may seem obvious but it is easy to over look certain instances that cause eczema. It could be something as simple as not washing your hands after handling pets, food, ink and other daily activities that cause minute allergens to come into contact with our hands which then touch other parts of the body.

It is vital that any time you handle substances that you wash your hands, or whichever part of the body that has made contact. Afterwards, it is just as important to then replace the moisture, which is lost during washing with a skin cream that does not irritate the skin. This may be a vitamin E rich, organic cream or just one that you know does not cause any irritation whatsoever.

Some people prefer emollients, but they have been known to cause irritation and itching. If you find this, then stop using them and try something else, preferably a cream that does not contain paraffin and parabens.

Avoiding scratching and picking the effected skin – One of the most difficult things to ask of an eczema sufferer is to stop scratching and picking at the skin. It is almost part of the disease, but unfortunately one of the biggest causes for the skin to become worse.

Sometimes it is possible to be scratching without even noticing it. Try to keep it in the forefront of your mind at all times and eventually, you will become so acutely aware of you behaviour that you should be able to prevent yourself from scratching.

Ask friends and family to tell you to stop if they see you touching your skin without you being aware of it. This may become annoying but, believe me it is worth it for the well-being of your skin.

If your skin becomes very itchy, try washing the area (and moisturizing). An itchy feeling is often due to an allergen coming into contact with the skin, so washing the area will remove the irritation.

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