Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure Sufferers


High blood pressure is an increase in the force that is placed on the arteries. You are considered to have this if your systolic pressure is greater than 140 or you diastolic pressure goes above 90 (these figures are for an adult). As the pressure rises on the capillaries they can constrict which can cause further damage and problems.

The increase in high blood pressure is caused by a number of reasons including obesity, anxiety levels, sodium, and for women, a change in their hormones. Obesity ranks as the primary reason for this but, the other factors should not be overlooked. Recent studies have shown an alarming increase in men and women over the weight of 300 and 400 pounds; totaling over 3.5million people. There are upwards of 30% of American classified as being obese at the time of this writing.

With over 100 million American’s with, or at risk, for high blood pressure it is important to take look at all potential remedies for this, including medicine and natural remedy solutions. There are various forms of drugs that can assist you with your blood pressure, but for this article we will be look at Herbal and Body Health solutions.


Herbal treatments for high blood pressure have been around for many years and some of the more popular and effective treatments are Garlic, Ginger root, Hawthorne, and Basil.

Garlic acts as a cleaning agent for the body to help lower these elevated rates and can be taken in a pill form or also from the clove.

Ginger root with a bit of salt can be sucked on for a period of 3-5 minutes each day for some results.

Hawthorn can be consumed in tea or capsule form helps as a relaxer for the blood vessels.

Body Health

There are a few things that you can do as a natural remedy with your body to alleviate your this problem and most might feel very therapeutic.

Walking on grass for 30 minutes each day will improve circulation in your feet and legs, helping to bring your blood pressure to normal levels. (Doing this barefoot will help even more.)

Foot or leg baths for 15 minutes

Any form of yoga or palliates help as they teach some good breathing techniques.

These two solutions provide a clear natural remedy for high blood pressure but should not be isolated from seeing your doctor. These methods in conjunction with properly administered medication will assist you but, you need to take action.

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