Natural Treatments for Low Testosterone

Natural Treatments for Low Testosterone

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In today’s video, I’m going to share with you my five tips for natural treatments for low testosterone. If you have low testosterone like many men do and you implement my 5-step process, you will notice a difference in as little as 24-48 hours!

5-Step Process:

1. Intermittent fasting (will increase testosterone by 400%)

2. Heavy Weight Training 3-5 days a week

3. Add in a lot of healthy fat in your diet

a. Healthy saturated fat

b. Healthy omega 3 fatty acids

c. Mono-unsaturated fats

4. Detox your liver

5. Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D3, ginseng, fish oil

By following this 5-step process, you will see great results in naturally boosting your testosterone levels! For more information on naturally balancing low testosterone, check out this article:

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