Natural Treatments for Weary Eyes

{flickr|100|campaign} Are your eyes tired? Do you keep rubbing your eyes all the time? This makes your eyes receptive to the germs. Here are some ways that you may adopt to keep your eyes in a good condition.

Precautions for Weary Eyes

Some practical measures are to avoid over working your eye muscles. One must not watch too much of television or work in front of the computer for a long time as glares from the screen might hamper one’s eye. Everything must be moderate and not extreme.

Daily protection and safeguarding from germs keep the eye cool and relaxed. Make sure that you relax your eyes when they are over worked. When dealing with chemicals one must undertake extra precautions so that the chemicals which are harmful may not disturb it. Rinsing the eyes regularly keeps it free from germs, dust, and pollutants. If one is a smoker one must always do so to save the eye from the smoke.

A bath in the sea is perfect for cleansing, but one may also use eye or saline drops to keep the eyes clean. Avoid working your eyes in soft light because that can lead to squint or cause wrinkles and dark circles under your eye making you look aged. Allow oxygen and fresh air to pass through and massage the eyes with cold presses, gels and cover ups.

Eye Exercises to Cure Tired Eyes

Proper circulation and blood flow is extremely essential for the eyes. Regular exercising can help in this. Convalescence and relaxation both can help greatly in curing weary eyes.

Exercises that can Help You

Firstly, standing straight and looking in front, and chin up concentrate your eyes on the floor and then on the ceiling without moving the head. Repeat this side by side at will.

Secondly, make anticlockwise and clockwise movements with your eye balls in a continuing spherical pattern.

Lastly, observe the atmosphere you are in and then try recollecting what you saw in your mind. This is a good brain puzzle and a useful way of increasing the power of observation.

After exercising one can relax the eyes with cool cucumbers or put creams like avocado to give a soothing and calm effect.

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