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The London Eye
The London Eye
By oatsy40 on 2009-06-27 16:24:14
tags Do you want to find the source of what makes living in London so desirable?
The secret is that London is filled with spaces of peace and relaxation, which offer the perfect counterweight to the hustle and bustle of London life.
To understand this fine balance, visitors are recommended to lodge at the best of Heathrow hotels, where they can enjoy a flawless holiday because both the city and the airport are close by.
Nothing beats staying a quality hotel close to the airport, where you can relax before heading out to discover London.
The first port of call for visitors is the River Thames, which brings the nations peaceful countryside culture into the heart of town.
London has many waterways and canals to explore, and taking a cruise on a canal boat is a great way to experience the river. You can see some of Londons best sights while cruising along the river on a boat enjoying a drink!
Many artists have been inspired by the river, and also by the citys hidden green sanctuaries. These are a great antidote to a long day of walking around sightseeing.
Royal gardens abound in London, and some great places to visit include Kew Gardens, and Kensington.
Here are some of London’s best large gardens:
Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew: Kew Gardens have a 250-year history and are a World Heritage site.
Kensington Palace Gardens: Includes the 19th-century Italian Gardens
Hampton Court Palace Gardens: Devised by Henry VIII as a display of opulence.

The gardens are well tended, and you will be able to buy seeds of the flowers you like so you can take a little bit of flowering London back to safe guard at your Heathrow airport hotels.
Here you can also dine at really stunning cafes and restaurants and pass the time surrounded by fresh air.
Why not order some mouth-watering dishes on your holiday: A little luxury will not hurt especially if you have been working hard to earn it.
Give yourself a treat while you are in London, and enjoy life like a Royal!

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