Nature’s Fruits Hold the Secrets of Health


Researchers studying the ancient medicines of the Amazon Rain Forest have discovered a variety of health promoting fruits from nature. These fruits have been used by native cultures to improve health for centuries. And some provide a completely balanced diet all by themselves. The indigenous peoples do not exhibit the physical decline and chronic illnesses that modern cultures have to contend with as the population ages.

Studies show that combinations of fruits can help the body restore and maintain normal health without the potential side effects so common with drugs. Among the reported benefits of eating a variety of fruits are:

– Greater energy/stamina
– Immune system support
– Improved digestion
– Anti-aging
– Improves mood/better sleep
– Skin health
– Eye health
– Anti-inflammatory

A healthy diet should consist of three to five servings of fresh fruit a day. Especially brightly colored fruits. Eating a combination of brightly colored fruits can contribute very significantly to maintaining personal health. Most experts agree that it is best to consume a full color spectrum variety of fruits.

Yes, we all know we should eat more fruits and vegetables. But lives are busy. Quick meals are often necessary. Fresh fruit is expensive in some areas. We only have a few boring fruits to chose from. Parents don’t enforce healthy eating habits on their children or themselves. No wonder obesity is epidemic and that even children are now affected with many of the chronic diseases once reserved for older people.

Faculty members in the Harvard School of Public Health feel the current government recommendations still fall short. They believe that if anything has been proven in nutrition research, it’s that eating lots of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of heart disease, some types of cancer, and other chronic diseases.

The popular Acai Berry that grows in the Amazon Jungle far from roads or polluting industry without pesticides or fertilizer is one of the new “superfoods” we have been hearing about. It is crammed full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that our bodies need. Adding Acai to your diet can certainly help but don’t stop there, continue to find food that will benefit your body naturally and allow it to heal itself so it can fight off the aging process.

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