Neckties For Women


When women wear ties, it never fails to catch the eye. Because ties are traditionally associated with men, and for a woman to wear them, it suggests a stronger fashion statement. How can a traditional symbol of masculinity look just as good and lovely on women?

Ties compliment women by creating contrast. Many are used to see ties on men. So for a woman to be wearing it, that is something else – something unusual – something beyond the norm and average. Imagine a feminine look wearing masculine attire – that is very different indeed. Of course, a woman would need to know how to carry herself appropriately when wearing such, preferably with confidence.

This fashion trend – the ladies’ tie – is anything but new. It was launched way back in the 1970s and became successful then – Diane Keaton popularized the Annie Hall look and it just clicked.

During those times, wide ties on men’s shirts for women were the popular trend but that has changed a bit over time. Today, ladies ties are usually slimmer than that of men’s. and women don’t necessarily have to wear men’s shirt now.

The wearing of neckties for women is more flexible than that of men. When it comes to design, ladies’ are just as many as men’s. They of course, are more feminine in design. There are many ways for a lady to wear a tie which, in many cases, may be called untraditional and contemporary.

There are rarely any rules for women when wearing ties, which all together makes wearing them loads of fun.

As with any accessory you can freely experiment with the style and mix and match the colors and designs. Besides the traditional collared shirt, women may even wear ties on tops and turtleneck.

The challenge now is how to wear a necktie without looking like a man. How can women wear neckties and become fashionable and feminine at the same time? For casual wear, women can pair the tie with a bit loosed collared shirt with maximum of two buttons undone from the collar. This goes well with a pair of jeans of whatever color. Wearing ties loosely is signature fashion, as popularized by some teen celebrities in Hollywood. You can further add kick with this attire by wearing heeled shoes or boots.

Of course, that getup is inappropriate for formal wear. For example if you’re dressing up for a business event, it is best to conform to the classic professional look – wear your tie but definitely don’t unbutton the shirt.

Now just how flexible is wearing ties for women? Well, incidentally, the shirt-with-tie tandem also looks great with skirts. Again, same rule applies for formal and casual occasions. It’s not necessarily mini-skirts all the time. Hey it also looks great on office skirts. You can wear it at your workplace as an every day accessory; you can also wear it for an interview. Ties, when worn right, always suggest a smart, classy, and professional look, even for women.

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