Need Help Losing Weight? Cardiovascular Exercise Is The Way To Go

.tags Exercise is imperative to any type of weight loss and no matter how good of a diet you may be eating, the amount of weight you’ll lose will eventually hit a plateau and won’t go any further without exercise.

And whilst almost any type of exercise will help, it’s cardiovascular that will be the most effective at first, as it helps work out your entire body, rather than focusing on one area and developing the muscle there.

Although there are various different types of cardiovascular exercises available, the following four are without doubt the most popular.

1. Running – before you skip over this section and move straight onto swimming, it’s important for you to understand that you don’t have to be Usain Bolt to be able to exercise by running.

As long as your heart rate is increasing and you can feel yourself breaking out in a sweat, this should act as confirmation that the speed you’re running at is suitable for you. This may be a brisk walk for some or it may be a cross country style run for others, but simply go by what your body is telling you.

2. Swimming – one of the favourite types of cardiovascular exercises for many, swimming is in fact one of the best, as aside from increasing your heart rate and helping your body benefit from standard cardio exercises, depending on the type of swimming that you do, it can work out a whole host of different body muscles.

Take the front crawl as an example. If you were to try and swim 20 lengths, you’ll feel the effects afterwards as you would if you had just been running, but you’ll also feel like the muscles in your thighs, calves, shoulders, arms and chest have all gone through a rigorous work out session.

3. Cycling – most people learn to ride a bike when they’re a young child and although some carry on cycling throughout their life, many often head back on a bike only sparsely throughout their life.

If you’ve been to a gym and have ignored the exercise bikes as you’re one of those people who haven’t been on a bike in years, next time you’re there, just try it out. It’s the same basic principle as riding a bike, but as it’s static, there’s none of the worry of falling off or not going fast enough that is so often the reason many don’t ride more often.

4. Rowing – not the most common of cardio exercises for the simple fact it’s arguably more difficult to row than it is to run, swim or cycle, if you’re a regular at a gym, however, no matter whether it’s a major gym in Manchester city centre a little gym in a small, Welsh valley, you should be able to find rowing machines available to use.

What’s more, after you’ve tried it out once, it’s likely that you’ll become hooked – rowing may not be the most common type of cardiovascular exercises, but it’s in fact a lot of fun.

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