Networking Basics – Advertising VS Marketing


I have heard it said before that the difference between ” Successful” people and those who don’t attain that same success is that the “un-successful” person won’t do what the successful person has done or will do. How can we convert that over to Networking Basics? Why do I promote and What is the purpose of Networking?

In today’s economy, we are all looking for unique ways to reach out and touch new people. I like to call it Effective Networking. Networking is where making the time spent in building relationships creates an impact on your future. What is the alternative? Advertising!

Unfortunately, the cost to advertise has skyrocketed and I can certainly understand why. Between the economy and the Internet, many means of Advertising like newspapers, postcards, valu-pak mailings etc. are struggling because the people who would normally do the advertising have cut back on their budget. The advertising dollar is usually the first place to get the cut when times are tough, and I actually think that because fewer are spending the dollars, the advertisers have raised the rates to those who continue to advertise just to stay even. Regardless, I see advertising as a very passive, hope against hope, that someone might see your ad, and need what you have to offer.

I know the advertising companies, looking for advertisers who are calling me seem desperate. They tell you that it goes to an audience of ” x amount of thousands”. It sounds impressive. Now be honest, when was the last time you poured over a newspaper, mailing or mailed coupons and then acted upon it? You might cut the coupon out, and never actually call, or stop in to use it. ( Certainly there are certain industries that so well with sort of advertisement but not many) EX: of the 150,000 mailed, how many have kids? And of those kids how many would have a child that would be interested in Marshall Arts? Of those interested, how many are already enrolled in a program? And if ONE child enrolled from you mailing, how long would they have to be involved to re-coup the money spent on the one ad? 18 months?

We all think that what we have to offer is the best thing since sliced bread! And who wouldn’t want to save money, get a free gift, or come to the event that you are promoting? The painful truth is that you think this because it’s YOUR world, not theirs. In reality, I believe it is a very small number that even looks at the offers , and usually less than 1% that might consider it. And to complicate it even more, it is important to make a commitment of at least a minimum of 7 times before you might get a 1% return. Take your cost of the advertisement times 7. It amounts to a lot of money to obtain 2 or maybe three clients and the fact of the matter is, most people, after they have spent the advertising dollars once, twice three times and have gotten no response, they simply stop. The only winner is the advertising agency. Statistics tell us that if you kept on, someone would eventually jump on board, but with the cost, you might be out of business by then.

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