News Afternoon: April 23 Machinery Industry News Easy To See

Mechanical information easy to see, Welcome to IT afternoon tea time. When the clock struck three, the machinery industry all instant suspended for the afternoon tea every day at 3 pm, HC network and your machine similar. Easy chat machinery, talk with interesting people and things mechanical industry.

Slow Reading fine chemicals : Interpretation, analysis of hot industry news

Another tower crane rental industry because of real estate regulation Shanle Yao

Rapid development of China’s real estate industry a lot of fire, tower crane Lease Is one of them. If fortunate enough to be able to stand on the high points of each city, overlooking the city look at the whole picture. You sigh, while China’s rapid development will be surprised to find that densely packed tower unit into a different type of picture.

Aviation: aviation within and outside the high-speed rail along a limited impact  

Domestic aviation hub has been upgraded to a super competitive and super carrier in the hub airport, take the high share of network-based airline will rely on high-quality resources to achieve high-quality earnings. Currently, three major groups accounting for generalized over 80% of the number of aircraft, and sub-14 throughput of 10 million, according to the airport.

Scoop:   Regional news, international trial Japanese ship export orders in March rebound Japan Ship Exporters Association

According to data, March 2010, Japan exported ships carry 18 orders, a total of 928,021 gross tons (380,204 compensated gross tonnage). 1 March 2010, the Japanese shipbuilding companies received total of 34 new orders for ships, 1,783,591 gross tons (728,869 compensated gross tonnage).

A quarter point of the equipment manufacturing industry in Shenyang area flowering

4 19, TBEA Shen received one day become the company including customers, including India and Russia, dial 7 customer negotiations. This year in February, the firm successfully obtained a contract value of more than 100 million U.S. dollars of the Indian National Grid 765kV substation complete works of local award.

Guangdong ships with industry: as groups struggle singles

Recently, the province of Guangdong Shipbuilding Engineering Society organizations with enterprise backbone ship held the theme of “supporting the ship to speed up the Guangdong Development of Industrial Innovation,” the Symposium participants on how to speed up the construction of the ship supporting park, how to combine the practical to the Guangdong region industrial capacity into the ship supporting industry competitiveness and other issues in depth.

New novelty: A bucketful of fresh, unusual products crazy  

China’s first successful development of fiber-optic high temperature and pressure sensors

Recently, Laser Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences in China independently developed the first high-precision fiber optic pressure fixed Sensor Success.

Robot robot unique personalized snow “snow unimpeded”  

Winter, though passed, but think of the winter snow to transport the pressure, we never forget, for this situation, Chinese and foreign cities seem to regard the deicing salt as the main, but not all, countries still have urban snow characteristics. Snow Removal Robot Play in the snow played a leading role, so that the road of snow, “disappeared” and let the road unobstructed.

Royal Wedding preparations underway – BBC London News

Preparations are well underway in Windsor for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It’s being seen as a big business boost to the town, not just because of tourist revenues but the endorsement of the royal brand. Sarah Harris has the story.

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