Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha: Fashion Disaster of 2010


It comes as no surprise if Lady Gaga is listed as one of the worst-dressed celebrities due to her extravagant outfits and make-up. She constantly makes fans shocked when appearing at crowds in strange clothes. However, many people think the beauty has even two crazy-fashion heirs that can follow her infamous fashion styles namely Nicki Minaj and Ke$ ha. There are hundreds of reasons explaining why the pretty girls are believed to become second Lady Gaga. Now, let’s see the following pictures and find out this funny connection.


See-through-body fashion style is undoubtedly the original hallmark of Lady Gaga and now it comes back to clothes of the two young girls. While Ke$ ha appeared on the cover of Complex wearing a leotard and roller skates, Nicki showed off her body in ugly and offensive outfit.

Nicki Minaj and Ke$ ha


Other strange outfits of Nicki Minaj and Ke$ ha

While Nicki wore a snowy full-length fur, Ke$ ha looked like a bear in a painted face, short skirt and bare legs

Nicki appeared to be the captain of Planet Beehive’s paratrooper corps while Ke$ ha, with her Mohawk, shredded Hefty gown and BeDazzled caterpillar brows, performed as if she came from another galaxy

Blue hair and all-over hot pink from clothes to legging are the way Nicki impresses attention while Ke$ ha appears in witch’s black outfit

Nicki evokes a cute girl in bright and bold outfit while Ke$ ha makes herself more gorgeous with finger-painting raves

People don’t know which fashion trend Nicki follows but they believe that no color can scare her while Ke$ ha looks like a native American or Cher impersonator

The complicated outfit of Nicki accompanied by two different colored legs made fashion designers burst into tears while Ke$ ha was wearing a plastic tiger mask over her face to disguise on streets

Nicki and Ke$ ha are truly the second Lady Gaga with their extravagant outfits


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