Nintendo DS FAQ


The Nintendo DS is a hand-held video game console with Nintendo’s unique dual-screen design feature. The top screen is used for viewing graphics, and the bottom one is touch sensitive. When damaged or functioning improperly, the screen can render some games unplayable. To troubleshoot the screen on a Nintendo DS, you can try the following several methods.

1. Malfunction:

-Constant lines appear when the power is on.

-The screen stays blank even though the power is on.

-Screen becomes blank after a few minutes of game play or display is faint.


-Check the battery to make sue it’s charged, in which case the LED light is lit green.

-If AC power adapter is being used, make sure the connector and wall plug is securely connected.

-Check the battery contacts and clean it if necessary with a pencil eraser make the whole surface is clean enough.

-Check the placement of battery pack to make sure it’s connected properly.

-Replace the battery if the battery life is less than 3 hours, which is supposed to last between 5 to 10 hours, as this indicates a weak battery.

-If none of the above is available, the top screen may be damaged, and you have to replace the top Screen.

2. Malfunction:

-Touch panel is irresponsive.

-Touch panel responds, but responds at different area of screen


-Turn Nintendo DS on and touch the bottom screen to enter main menu. Touch menu button to enter settings menu. Select the right-most calibration icon (it is yellow and has a crosshair) and press A to recalibrate the touch screen. Touch each red square with the stylus as it appears. After this test is over, test the sensitivity. Tap confirm, then quit and then yes. The system will shut down and save the settings.

-If after recalibration, the touch screen is still not responding correctly, there could be foreign matter along the edges of the touch screen. Get a dry toothbrush. Keep Nintendo DS at a vertical angle and apply slight pressure with your thumb to the touch screen, creating a tiny gap along the housing edges. Use the toothbrush to carefully dislodge any foreign material from the gap and gently brush side to side removing away any debris and dirt.

-If none of the above steps works, the touch screen might be damaged by an impact. Replace the touch screen.

3. Malfunction:

-The battery can not be charged.


-If using an AC adapter, make sure the AC power adapter is properly connected to Nintendo DS and to the wall outlet as well.

-Try resetting AC power adapter by unplugging from Nintendo DS and wall outlet for several minutes. Reconnect AC power adapter according to manual instructions.

-Remove battery from Nintendo DS for a few minutes or so and re-insert.

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