october 2007 24


Celebrate the fifth anniversary of the country the United States will launch a significant marketing

Recently, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China to enter the United States will mark the fifth anniversary celebration, the reporter learned that, in order to return the consumer, the country the United States will hold “birthday party” “birthday benefit”, “birthday party” and other activities, conducted with consumers “In the same month on the same date,” “the same day students”, “the same month students” and “the same date of the” four levels of promotion, a complimentary birthday gift bag, with the “old friend Hui”, “Group Purchase Banquet” and other activities , to bring real benefits to consumers. It is reported that this event will last 30 days, sub-categories, sub-brand, launched a series of promotional activities in stages, once again create a “non-holiday” promotion of the height, change the “holiday economy” promotional ideas.

Bosch high-end kitchen electric market in Guangdong

10 27, Germany announced that its full line of high-end Bosch kitchen appliances formal entry into the Guangdong market, the overall kitchen end of the year triggered a new round of power market boom. It is understood that Bosch has been this year in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and the market opened 50 flagship high-end kitchen appliances exhibition hall, while the Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group China Sales Manager Wu Division believes that the purchasing power of consumers in Guangzhou and future development have huge potential, so Guangdong is important core Bosch home appliances market. It is reported that Bosch will soon in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in stages at the flagship exhibition kitchen appliances, kitchen electric market leading high-end Guangdong new trend.

Toxic substances were first tested motor home appliances

Recently, the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau in conjunction with the testing organization for the first time on mobile phones, DVD, stereo, MP4, microwave ovens and other appliances in the content of toxic and hazardous substances for future reference. It is understood that the heavy metal containing household appliances in the lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury and flame retardants such as polybrominated biphenyls, can cause pollution to the environment, can cause harm to human health. For a long time, even though China has established safety standards related to home appliances, but for sampling is the first time, the relevant departments to remind consumers to pay attention to the use of health appliances. Sampling results will be announced soon.

Into the kitchen industry Chang Recently, the traditional big black appliances into the kitchen industry, Changhong announced. Changhong that the kitchen is the second color TV, phone, IT field after the fourth-largest appliance industries, domestic market capacity year around 6,500 billion, its annual growth rate of 35%, and has great market potential. It is understood that the first permanent building in Zhongshan, south of a capacity of about 300 million units of kitchen electrical appliances production base, and plans to achieve 200 million yuan within two years of sales volume, and 3 to 5 years into the country’s first army group . Specifically responsible for operating the “Hong Wei Electrical Co., Ltd.” was established in June of this year, and “Hong Wei” in next year’s production layout is completed, will form the kitchen appliances (hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet), sanitary products (integrated ceiling , Yuba, etc.), three series of the whole cabinet product line.

Nokia flagship store in Shanghai opened its first Mainland

Recently, Nokia, Nanjing Road in Shanghai, the mainland opened its first flagship store. Yuan Deng, vice president of Nokia’s world? That Nokia Nokia flagship store in Shanghai is the second in Asia after Hong Kong’s flagship store in the second, the seventh house of Nokia is currently the world’s largest flagship store and the only single-family-style flagship store. According to reports, interactive and multimedia content is one of the biggest highlights.

IBM to develop new wireless transmission protocol

Rate WiFi100 times

IBM and MediaTek’s wireless joint research scientists, is developing a new wireless transmission protocol, the data transfer rate is Wi-Fi wireless broadband protocol 100 times. The project’s chief scientist, IBM’s Man Mote? Cable Ikuji introduced, the agreement is the use of 60GHz spectrum, according to the protocol developed chip, the transmission rate up to 2.5GB per second, while the Wi-Fi transmission rate for the 10 ~ 54MB per second, so the latter 100.

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