Omega 3 oils are the engine for good health which will destroy all the major pharmaceutical companies of the world in a few years time.  Almost all of Big Pharma income is derived from treated omega 3 oil deficiencies in the general population.  Heart disease, cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, crohn’s and other bowel disease, lupus, postpartum depression, bi polar disorder, most mental problems, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, asthma, attention deficit disorder, immunity diseases and others are all prevented, reversed, reduced, or outright cured by optimal omega 3 oils in the diet.

Our entire human civilization has begun and developed in area of high omega 3 oils.  Mainly near ocean and inland lake fisheries where humans have settled and consumed fish.  Our current diet in the western world is severely deficient in omega 3 oil and further complicated by extremely high consumption of omega 6 oils.  Currently there is a 20 to 1 bias for the omega 6 oils.  Over the past 100 years the brain capacity of humans has actually shrunk 10%  because of our refined diet and the above numerous health problem have become rampant in western cultures.

Inner city school children are severely deficient in omega 3 oils and this causes poor grades and many social problems.  Suburban school children are only slightly higher in omega 3 consumption and do much better in school.  But these results can easily be reversed if officials simply substitute high omega 3 foods in school lunch programs.  Simply by ending soy based mayo and salad dressings which are high in omega 6 oils and substituting non-hydrogenated or heat-stabilized canola and olive oil mayo and salad dressings which are high in omega 3 oils would likely reverse the poor inner city problems overnight.

Other foods rich in omega 3 oils are — most all fish especially salmon, mackerel, tuna, wild game and range fed beef and chickens,egg yokes (yellow part), walnuts, flax oil, olive oils, purslane, (most wild and organic foods have higher omega 3 content), and the best source today krill or krill oils.  Krill oil capsules are a very pure form of omega 3 oil because they are from a small sea creature that is low on the food chain in the ocean.

Omega 3 oils are anti-inflammatory and better allow the uptake of nutrients from the blood.  When other oils are dominant nutrients into the cells becomes much less efficient and less energy can be produced by the body.  People who feel depressed or cold all the time will notice a warming sensation and much better mood change after just and few days of taking omega 3 oils at optimal levels.  Expensive vitamins will be much better utilized when omega 3 oils are also used and energy levels will rise greatly.  Much of the poor exercise levels of children today are the result of low omega-3 levels which result in low energy levels.  Children do not “feel” like exercising or even playing outside because they simply do not have the energy because of this poor diet and lack of omega 3 oils.  But most all adult have this very same problem which is easily corrected with krill oil or fish oil supplements.

Fish has long been know as a brain food and our human evolution seems to be tied to our brain development as our fish consumption increased and our omega 3 consumption increased because of this fish consumption.  New mothers give over much of their own omega 3 oils to their children in pregnancy and after pregnancy as well in breast milk.  This results in lowered omega 3 levels in the mother and often pregnancy depression and postpartum depression.  This is simply the omega 3 oil deficiency which is an essential oil which the body can not make and must get from the diet.

Heart diseases are mostly eliminated in Eskimos cultures with high fish consumption.  Omega 3 oils simply do not allow deposits on the artery walls.  Breast cancer is 400% higher in women with the lowest omega 3 levels.  One of the best books on this subject of omega 3 oils is “The Omega-3 Connection” by Andrew L Stoll, MD.  He is the director of Psychopharmacology  Research Laboratory, McLean Hospital Faculty, Harvard Medical School.

Big Pharma and most all modern medical practices represents one fourth to one third of the economy of western nations.  When the widespread use of omega 3 oils occurs these modern institutions which administer to these omega 3 deficiency diseases will end or be dramatically minimized.  Modern western medicine and popular medical charities are not about the cure of diseases but about the treatment of it by whatever means which is the most profitable to the medical and charity industries.  Widespread omega 3 consumption will radically change this in the near future with a rebirth of health and vitality for western cultures.

All of my 100 plus articles are free to repost and publish anywhere without permission. — J.E. Ante

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