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.tags Abstract: The medium from drying, spray drying tower structure and the ceramic slurry itself the nature discussed several aspects of energy-saving way to spray drying tower, summed up the spray drying tower commonly used energy-saving measures.

Keywords: Spray drying mud performance energy-saving drying medium
Recent years, the rapid development of China’s ceramic industry. In 2006, China household ceramics, building and sanitary ceramics production are highest in the world, including domestic ceramics production as high as 17 billion, accounting for 65% of world production; Building Ceramics Annual output of about 3.5 billion bricks?, Accounting for 55% of world output. Meanwhile, China is also Energy Consumption of power, building and sanitary ceramics industry is large fuel consumption and power consumption. At present, China’s ceramic industry, energy efficiency is only 28% to 30%, 50% in developed countries 57% of the energy efficiency difference is relatively large.

Spray drying milling ceramic industry is one of high energy production processes. According to ceramics factory energy audit data show that total energy consumption of spray-dried ceramic factory milling the total energy consumption 10 ~ 20%. With the energy crisis and the fierce market competition, reducing the energy consumption of spray-dried flour, reducing production costs and improve competitiveness and promote sustainable development in the ceramic industry has far-reaching and important.

1 spray drying tower main energy saving measures
1.1 Control of the drying medium
1.1.1 increase the inlet temperature of hot air
Tower at the constant temperature conditions, the inlet temperature of hot air (or the inlet air temperature) the higher the total heat into the higher, per unit mass of hot air heat transfer to the slurry droplet the more unit hot air by the evaporation of water is also more. In the case of constant production capacity, reduce the required amount of hot air (that is reduced when the hot air away from the tower’s energy), reduce the heat consumption of spray-dried flour to improve the utilization and thermal efficiency of hot air. However, the inlet air temperature is not too high (less than 600 ), the temperature is too high, it will burn out the wind tower sub-device.

1.1.2 reduce hot air of the tower temperature
Tower into the air temperature in some cases, the lower the temperature of hot air out the tower, out tower the greater the temperature difference, hot air is passed to the mud used to dry the greater the heat, so the higher utilization of hot air. But the exhaust temperature is not too low, lower than 75 , due to powder too wet, affecting the normal drying.

1.1.3 a tower of hot air (waste) recycling
Ceramic slurry after milling, spray drying, a column of hot air if he directly into the atmosphere, this part of the heat loss will be very significant (about milling process energy consumption 10% to 20%). Therefore, this part of the heat should be fully utilized, such as a tower can be used to preheat hot air circulation drying process. The tower in addition to the direct recycling of hot air, but also can use this part of the heat exchanger after the use of stored or exchanged.

1.2 Factors for spray dryer
1.2.1 select the right size
Ceramic industry by 4000, most of spray drying tower, and some ceramics works with 5000 and 6000, the largest developed a SACMI 12000, up to 48 nozzles. The greater the capacity of the larger models, the production of energy per ton of powder relative to small manufacturers can choose models according to specific conditions.

1.2.2 Overall control of closed-type

As the system uses negative pressure operation, if leakage will increase energy consumption, it equipment and connecting all parts of flange, stove, hot air pipes, exhaust pipes of the thermocouple jack on the tower negative pressure measuring hole, and the tower flap under the cone under the feeder entrance and exit, entrance and exit under the cyclone dust and other parts must be sealed, no air leakage.

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