Outdoor Bleachers Ensure a Better Outdoor Event


An event in a park or playground or any outdoor location can be uninviting and even chaotic if there is no proper seating arrangements. People tend to get scattered all over the arena and the audience enjoyment is hampered. Structures and equipments like scaffoldings, barricades, mobile stages, audience risers and bleachers provide a proper set up in school playgrounds; parks, etc where outdoor events take place. For instance, equipments like benches and bleachers allow the spectators to be seated comfortably while they enjoy the event.

Bleachers give the spectator’s a proper angle of viewing as they are designed in a tier structure. They also provide a well seated and settled row of spectators that saves space. Today, bleachers are being installed in almost all indoor, outdoor and any location where events are organized regularly. There are different types of bleachers that you can opt for when you need one. The types of bleachers that are seen in the outdoors are frame-type bleachers and I-beam bleachers. Some are built in, like the ones in indoor gyms, also known as telescoping bleachers. They can slide on a track or on wheels and fold in an accordion-like, stacking manner. There are more types of bleachers depending on their built, design, material used, etc.

It is crucial that bleachers are made of the best materials that provide strength and durability as they carry the weight of a lot of spectators. Aluminum frames are commonly used due to the advantages that they provide and Aluminum bleachers require less maintenance. They can withstand exposure to various natural elements like rain and heat. They also need no paint or re-paint jobs as their looks won’t fade. Aluminum is lighter as compared to other materials, so aluminum bleachers are easier to move around to adjust the amount of seating space. Galvanized steel frames also allow exceptional durability and they are increasingly preferred for this quality.

Bleachers come in various designs as well. For outdoor locations like a school playground or a neighborhood park, low rise bleachers are ideal. Various sizes and designs are available in these bleachers. You can also choose for different capacities, there are models that has 24, 40, 56, 72 seats. These low rise bleachers are ideal for another reason. Their highest point is up to 30 inches, this makes them safe even for school going kids.

A lot of technology goes into the making of these bleachers. The seat and foot board planks are usually made of aluminum. The wood sleepers on outdoor bleachers help stabilize the bleacher on the ground. Some with a double foot board option allows for better foot control when standing on the bleachers. They are available in both aluminum and galvanized steel frame materials.

These bleachers can be ordered online. You can choose from multiple options like length type, frame type, number of rows, foot boards, sleepers, capacity, etc. Also, other equipments like outdoor park benches, trash receptacles, bulletin boards, shade canopies, planters, etc., are available on the internet. They can make your outdoor experience much more organized and enjoyable.

The writer is an expert currently associated with AAA Park It Outdoors, a group that provides outdoor bleachers, bike racks and other playground and park equipments.

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