Outdoor Spot Lights


Every home or business establishment can benefit from the installation of outdoor spot lights.  Outdoor spotlights have many purposes ranging from providing extra safety, providing extra security, high-lighting pathways, and providing various forms of ambiance.  These lights are a terrific addition to any outdoor lighting scheme.

Initially, when we think of spot lights we picture figure skating events or rock concerts.  At least that is what comes first to my mind. These notions are outdated.  Spotlights have historically lit small targets from a distance.  These days the use of spot lights has transcended the historical uses and now you can find spot lights in many different locations.  These lights are regularly used in commercial spaces, industrial spaces, urban spaces, and residential spaces.

Effective use of these lights can be dramatic or simply functional.  Both artistic or decorative and utilitarian functions can be served by the proper use of these lights.

Spot lights are often confused with flood lights.  These two types of lights are very different and serve completely different purposes.  They do, however, posses some similarities that lend themselves to the confusion.  The most obvious similarity between these lights is that they are generally installed at a significant distance from the subject matter they are intended to illuminate.  The most obvious difference between the lights is the intended focus of illumination.  Flood lights disperse the light and light up a large area such as a football field or a parking lot.  A spot light narrows the focus of illumination and targets a small area of illumination such as a singer or figure skater.  Choose the type of light you want by the purpose you want served.

Spot lights can be used effectively at outdoor parties held at night.  With careful usage these lights can serve a dual purpose.  The proper use of these lights can act as a safety feature and also act as a form of decoration.  Spotlights can highlight pathways, food areas, entry ways and exits.  Additionally, properly positioned spot lights can highlight garden art.  In the alternative, spotlights can be positioned to allow from crossed light beams which are always a nice effect.

Motion detector spotlights can be a very effective safety feature at gates, entrances and/or driveways.  Motion detector lights are triggered by motion.  The more modern of these lights will not be activated by cats or squirrels. These lights are an effective solution for those that want the security of lights but don’t want to waste the expense of having the lights powered full time.  Motion detector lights are also a great way of conserving electricity for those people who take an interest in being “green”.

As previously mentioned, outdoor spot lights have a number of important uses.  Spotlights are inexpensive and easy to install.  If the motion detector lights are used they consume very little electricity.  With a small bit of thought, outdoor spot lights can be a perfect addition to your outdoor lighting scheme.

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