Ovarian Cysts Symptoms? What You Should Know About Cysts on Ovaries


Thousands of women experience abdominal pain and discomfort caused by ovarian cysts. When the pain and problems get bad enough they visit their Doctors, get checked and diagnosed. Frequently ultrasound scans are used to see what is going on.

If your cyst is under about 2.5 inches in diameter you usually get pills for the pain and a return visit scheduled in a month or so. If the cyst is more than 2.5 inches in diameter you are generally advised to have surgery to remove the cyst.

The focus is on temporary relief from the pain, then on watching to see if the cyst gets beyond a certain size, then removing it surgically. Unfortunately, many find that after their surgery, another cyst appears. The symptoms of ovarian cysts have been treated, but not the cause. When the cause is still there, more cysts will grow.

There are natural remedies and treatments available that take a different approach. They go to the original causes of the cysts, focus on eliminating these causes, and with them the cysts themselves. Many cysts on ovaries have been treated in this manner with quick and highly satisfactory results.

Generally, with proper treatment, the pain goes away within a week or so. Then the cysts begin to shrink and usually disappear completely in a few weeks. This does not work for everyone, of course, but it does work, has worked for most ovarian cysts symptoms sufferers.

There are thousands of women who once suffered with ovarian cysts, whose problems were complete solved and their cysts eliminated. Their cysts disappeared with this type of treatment. The testimonials are numerous and fervent. They are frequently backed up by “before and after” ultrasound pictures.

These pictures show clearly that they once had large ovarian cysts growing in their abdomens.  Then later pictures show the same area, completely cyst-free! And most are happy to tell their stories, of how they were in pain, struggled with the problems, were afraid, worried about possible surgery…

Then were tremendously relieved when they found that there were alternatives. They started the treatments and experienced relief from pain, and finally, learned that their problem had gone away, their cysts had completely disappeared.

Moreover, with what they then knew about the causes of ovarian cysts, they could be sure that the cysts would not come back again.

If you have, or think you might have ovarian cysts, you owe it to yourself to explore the alternatives available to relieve ovarian cysts symptoms before you get talked into the surgical option…

“When we come into this world, we are each issued a marvelous human body. Unfortunately these come without an operator’s manual!  We must each learn the rules for our body’s care and maintenance from trial and error and by researching the findings of others. It is up to each of us to understand his or her own body and develop our own rules for its proper care and maintenance. We only get one body, so we must make it last for our whole lifetime!”

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