Over the Counter Acne Treatment Remedies VS Natural Acne Treatment Remedies


Anti acne products and medications are easily available over the counter. However many fear or refuse to use this products for the fear of side effects and other consequences of using them. Natural remedies are also widely available but results varies from individuals. Therefore most acne sufferers would prefer to try out these free natural solutions first.

However there are also individuals that start ignoring acne when it first appears thinking that it will subside on its own eventually. Some do get their acne resolved naturally without having to take much action, but others might cause the problem to be aggravated.

If you visit a dermatologist, they usually prescribe creams or medications to help you control and remedy the problem. But these methods can be just controlling the problem but not curing the root of the problem and usually they are costly for buying the products and medications.

Therefore many still choose to use natural acne as they are lower in cost and usually do not have many side effects.

Over the counter products especially medications usually comes with some minor side effect such as dry skin, mood swings and even depression. Medications usually aim at controlling your hormones which is one causes of acne. And when taken for a long time, it might lose its effectiveness as your body starts to get used to medications, and when that happens you rely on stronger medication to control it.

Some sufferers can easily cure the root of the problem with one course of medications but some may requires a few courses to get it cured. In between this period of time, you must be able to accept and live with the side effect that comes with it.

However, naturally remedies has lesser or no side effect like what medications do to you. And it can be used for a long time. Solutions like applying facial mask created from aloe vera, pearly powder mixed with toner, cucumber and tomato paste helps to nourish the skin with necessary nutrients.

These methods contain important vitamins and other nutrients that help keep your skin clean and healthy. Most importantly, they are low in cost and easy to obtain.

Applying these methods regularly and maintain a clean hygiene by keeping your face oil free helps to prevent acne.

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