Pakistan Not Sleeping


The Change is Visible, the mindset of Pakistani nation is changing rapidly.


A nation that emerged with the promise. The Promise that was to become the true followers of Islam and making Pakistan an exemplary country for the whole world. The history of hurdles, problems and conspiracies is long and painful but the story of our resilience and our determination is more precious to be proud on.


From the day one of Pakistan’s Independence in 1947, the country met challenges that were towering and were more than heavy storms that kept hiting us from the opposite direction. The long and difficult journey since our Independence gave us many shocks to weep and many achievements to cheer on. The dislocation of East Pakistan can be termed as a worst period of Pakistan’s history but the achievement of Nuclear Technology and entering into Nuclear Club by detonating our Nuclear Devices in 1998 can be termed as the biggest achievement of all times.


Today Pakistani nation is facing intrusion and ugly conspiracies from all over. The matter of handling allegations of harboring terrorists after 9/11 made Pakistan the center stage of global conspiracies.  9/11 the ugly act of terrorism on the American soil brought miseries for our nation. I find it extremely poor decision from Gen. Pervez Musharraf to render help to Americans to initiate assault on our own Muslim Brothers. We all believe that 9/11 was a planned and orchestrated crime against their own people committed by USA to gain sympathies and subsequently create a solid reason to enter into the territory of Afghanistan. The game was so well knitted that common American people still think on the lines that US government has fed to their minds through their powerful media. USA though landed in a matter of weeks inside Afghanistan but the valor insurgents have kept American legs twisted and cramped all the time since the last decade. We have seen enormous changes in the tactics and increase in fire power plus alteration in rules of engagement. But the fact is, American and NATO forces are now confined to Garrisons only playing a joy stick war with Unmanned Drones systematically pounding missiles on innocent masses of Afghanistan and in the tribal belt of Pakistan.


Since last few years there has been a great uproar in Balochistan Province of Pakistan where the insurgency and militancy took roots and the strings were tied to Iran, UAE, India, Russians and Americans too with the endorsement of Israel. There is no doubt that the game is well knitted and well planned. The prime objective of our enemies after learning their motives through different classified reports is quite clear. The dislocation of Balochistan from Pakistan and enjoying the huge deposits of minerals including Gold mines and Precious Minerals that are there in our Province unexplored till now. Further the interest of Gulf States is also becoming visible in the disruption of activities and progress of Gwadar Port.


There are many powers involved in the matter of Balochistan. The local media in Pakistan did a wonderful job to unearth this ugly agenda. The handling of Balochistan issue was primarily difficult after the assassination of Nawab Akber Bugti in Pervez Musharraf’s era but gradually things were controlled wisely and tactically. I believe that Political parties of Pakistan besides all the differences they had before tried to show unity on the issue of Balochistan and there has been complete coordination in efforts between Military and Political leadership that this matter would not be taken lightly anymore. The Pakistani nation is feeling quite intimidated right now, but it must be said clearly that the Security Apparatus in Pakistan has not turned so vulnerable and weak that it cannot handle this massive assault on our sovereignty. By the Grace of Allah, Pakistan still has such devoted people in Military and in the lines of the Present Leadership that when it comes to protect the sovereignty of the nation as a whole, personal lives become secondary and protecting the motherland becomes foremost.


Balochistan issue and the other key issues pertaining to our national security are  now handled in multiple directions. There are also few suggestions here to make these actions more effective.


1. After continuous reports appearing in different key newspapers around the world about the involvement of different nations in the matter of Balochistan a systematic media campagin has been launched and the role of those nations are being clearly highlighted to create a strong base to put diplomatic pressure on those nations to stop their actions on our land. Several of the World’s renowned columnists, researchers and analysts have been approached and were convinced about the real situation. The result is visible that we may now see series of interviews, reports and revelations about Balochistan issue more highlighted as an international conspiracy rather than pure insurgency. It is the height of achievement that many objectives have been achieved and now those who know about Balochistan issue identity this matter as a global conspiracy rather than an indigenous liberation movement.


2. The systematic assault on key operatives of the separatists have been initiated since long and many key leaders and loyal to the separatist groups that had links with enemies of the nation were nabbed. There is a strong uproar on extra judicial detainment but the story seems to be more shocking that many nabbed had very serious links with those who were using these people to destabilize the country. This matter though handled not wisely but the Superior Courts and the Assembly are now being taken into confidence to understand the intensity of the issue. Another visible reason for these prolonged detainment seems to be delivering a strong message about the grave consequences to those who are trying to destabilize the nation and support the cause of enemies of our motherland. It is ironic that these kinds of high profile detentions are common in states like USA and other western countries but in Pakistan the uproar seems to be more higher than in any other country. We have stories of Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo but when Pakistan takes similar action to protect its sovereignty the human rights activists jump on the scene. There is a need for strong coordination between the media and the Intelligence Agencies  plus the Judiciary to share the information about the persons under detention. There is also a need to make necessary amendments in law to segregate normal criminals from the enemies of the state.  I must urge that the complete list of detainees and their present state is to be revealed urgently so that unrest in the masses may be reduced and ambiguities about the role of Intelligence agencies would be cleared.


3, The revelations by recently appearing Wikileaks seem quite instrumental in redefining and readdressing the relationship of Pakistan with its neighbors specially India and Iran. It would be a shock to the nation as a whole to see those revelations but those who are in touch with high profile intelligence services, these reports are not new or unfamiliar. The interest of different nations in Balochistan would be there but the handling of the matters by those nations are unacceptable. Pakistan has strong ties and with Iran and the Gulf nations but the matter of sovereignty is foremost. I think it would be a foolish thing to underestimate the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan and its Armed forces. The vigil and the actions to protect the borders and the sovereignty of the nation have been intensified to highest levels now. Every move and every action of the enemies of the nation is observed, analysed and identified on perpetual basis. Many key operatives who are working against the sovereignty of Pakistan are on the target of the eagles. It is also very seriously observed that Diplomats of certain countries are acting against their official responsibilities and are using their position unduly against the interest of Pakistan. The use of media power is now being coordinated with the objectives of the security of Pakistan and every minute but important information that is found against the sovereignty of the nation is highlighted with fierceness.


4. The role of USA as an ally was not seen with trust from the day one. Pakistan’s problem was quite enormous after 9/11 because Taliban had the support of Pakistan at that time in Afghanistan and there was no mediator available to convince Taliban to hand over Bin Ladin to USA. Pakistan unwillingly became part of this nexus that hurt Pakistan more than the other stakeholders in the Afghanistan War. Pakistani leadership has now understood quite well that cooperation and alliance with USA always put negative tags on us. We sacrificed more but got the label of playing double games We allowed USA to target Militants of Al Qaeda but USA used that allowance to create hatred against Pakistan by systematically targeting civilian population by Drone Attacks. Pakistan is now redefining and reassessing the relationship with USA after US newspapers signaled possible violation of Pakistan’s borders and initiating ground assaults on our homeland. This is unacceptable in all sense. We bowed before USA under tough circumstances believing purely that we can show solidarity to the victims of 9/11 but we did not do that to put our own homeland security at stake. Pakistan is a sovereign nation and besides all the ugly tags attached to us, we love our country more than our own lives. When tough times came we all stood together, no matter it was earthquake or devastating floods we all stood up and faced the challenges together. Nobody can underestimate us as a nation that is the bearer of testimony to Allah that we believe that Allah is one and we believe in His powers to demolish the biggest mights on this earth in a matter of few months or may be days. or May be with the blink of an eye. We saw Russians crippling, crumbling and succumbing. We can only say that we cannot change the decision of Allah if He will decide the same fate for the strongest enemies of Pakistan.


Finally, I would want all the people of Pakistan to strengthen their belief in Allah the Great, the Powerful and Merciful. We have no doubt crossed many boundaries in violating Allah’s commandments but still we can turn back as Allah keeps the door for repenting wide open. We can redefine our goals, we can reassess ourselves and we can seek mercy from Lord and can pray for his help. Believe me if Allah’s help will arrive, these so called Powers of the earth would eat dust and would see shameful defeat on all the fronts. I also want to say to the Baloch nation that do not become the victim of conspiracies against them. They along with their Pakistani fellow countrymen gave huge sacrifices since last three decades since Russians first invaded Afghanistan. We stood strong with resilience and courage to face every storm together. We cannot allow our enemies to break our bonded relationship, we are one and we all are the bearer of Promise we made to Allah to make Pakistan the Powerful Country of Muslim Ummah. We have many targets to achieve and many boundaries to cross and we can do that with our commitment.


On this day of 25th December 2010. We on the Anniversary  of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the Founder of Pakistan, together make a promise that we will never let our flag fall against the storms that are coming to defeat us.


We now need to change our mindset. We should not think that the nations who are conspiring against us are more powerful than us. We are powerful because Allah is with us. They are conspiring because Satan is sitting on their shoulders. Who would be more powerful than Allah SWT. Allah is the best planner and He will Plan and Execute something so unexpected against our enemies that Insha Allah, these conspiring forces would find themselves caught in great surprise. The bearers of the responsibility of Pakistan’s security would never allow our enemies to fulfill their ugly desires against our sovereignty. The time for showing the fist of Iron has arrived and we will show that to our enemies very soon. Insha Allah


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