Paolo Nutini: From Fish And Chips To Chart-Topping Hits

Fish and Chips at Oakland Beach
By Noodles and Beef on 2017-07-01 09:44:32

In the era of quick-fix, Simon Cowell-created flashes in the pop pan, it’s easy to forget that Paisley songsmith Paolo Nutini has only been in the public eye for just a handful of years, as he’s positively ancient compared to many of today’s chart botherers. However, his natural and consistent rise to the top has been reassuring to not only Scottish music fans, but also the music industry as a whole, as it shows that simple raw talent and a knack for writing catchy pop tunes can still win over thousands of dedicated fans.

With a Scottish mother and Italian father, Paolo eventually gave up working in his parent’s Glasgow fish and chip shop to sign to Atlantic Records and release his debut album, These Streets, in 2006. Since then the singer, who was instantly praised for his excessively mature and soulful voice, has gone onto release several hit singles and a chart-topping follow up album, Sunny Side Up, in summer 2009.

Turning down family tradition by the being the first Nutini is three generations to not run his family’s chip shop, Paolo Nutini’s talents have already brought him recognition outside of the music world. This year, the fifth Scottish Style Awards have named Nutini the nation’s Style Icon of Year as the star walked down the red carpet in Glasgow to receive the award. Beating the likes of Gerard Butler, fellow singer Simon Neil and TV presenter George Lamb, Paolo has apparently always been encouraged to stick to his trademark scruffy and tousled look, despite the clichéd slick style of the pop world.

In fact, Paolo’s clothes have been in the news for various other reasons of late too. In July, the singer made a public appeal across Scottish press to anyone who may have found a lucky charm ring that he accidentally mislaid in Glasgow Airport. After popping into airport toilets to gel his hair for photographers, the singer realised that he had left his lucky ring behind, which was given to him by his grandad, and has appealed to anyone who may have picked it up. Offering an undisclosed ‘personal reward’, the singer is said to be devastated by the loss of his favourite piece of jewellery, as it obviously has strong ties to his family’s heritage.

However, always optimistic that it will show up, the Scots crooner has recently announced a competition to challenge his fans to design a new T-shirt for him. Ahead of his appearance at this year’s T in the Park festival in Balado, the nation’s Most Style Male asked fans to create a T-shirt for his new website, which will then be sold as part of his official merchandise collection of women’s and mens t shirts, hoodies, bags and posters. With the winner receiving not only a copy of the T-shirt itself but also a framed disc of his million-selling Sunny Side Up album, it’s a prize well worth aiming for amongst fans.

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