Paper Food Containers to Serve Food Items

By Michael Stern on 2014-11-18 18:24:33

With the rapid development of food service technology, convenient food packaging and serving containers have become widely available in the market. Paper food containers are one such option. Popular in restaurants, foodservice products made from paper include bowls, plates, cups, trays and much more.

Paper Food Containers in Various Shapes

To cater the varied packaging and serving needs of foodservice stations, paper food containers come in various dimensions, shapes, attractive colors and designs. These foodservice containers are the perfect solution for keeping foodstuff fresh. The easy-to-use containers can be used to serve both cold and hot foodstuff, including popcorn, chicken, French fries and much more. Moreover, with the help of carry-out containers, foodstuff can be easily and conveniently transported.

Non-toxic and Highly Impermeable

The major advantage of paper food containers is that they are non-toxic. So food can be stored safely in them for a long time. Another benefit is most models are impermeable, highly resistant to oil, and maintain the freshness of the stored food. Moreover, these food containers are highly resistant to denting.

Most models of these serving containers have convenient vented or hinged lids and tuck top locks. Some are provided with poly lining on the inside so as to prevent the stored food from getting soggy. Further, most of them are microwave and freezer safe. Southern Champion, Stalk Market, Solo Cup are well-known manufacturers of quality paper food containers that efficiently meet all the foodservice applications of restaurants.

Established Distributors for Quality Products

When planning to buy paper food containers to serve food items, approach established distributors of restaurant supplies. Online shops are the best option to make purchase as you can access their inventory and select branded products to meet your food serving and take-out requirements. Reputable dealers offer attractive discounts on all bulk purchases and free shipment options for purchases made above a certain amount.

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