Paris For Tourists – 5 Things You Must See and Do

Eiffel Tower at Night
Eiffel Tower Paris, France photographed from below at night.
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By kurtmunz on 2010-04-01 13:43:02

If you are visiting Paris, here are five things you must see and do to make the most of your trip.

1. Visit the Eiffel Tower – The first thing you must do when you arrive in Paris is visit the Eiffel Tower. This mammoth iron structure is well over a century old and is one of the most popular tourist attractions not only in Paris, or in France, but in the world. If you don’t mind heights and would like to see what Paris looks like from the vantage point that only the Eiffel Tower can offer, then tickets are sold at the base of the tower to help you make that happen. There are stairs and lifts to take you up the first two levels. After that, you are allowed to go to the next level, free of charge. The Eiffel Tower is a favourite with tourists as it has become a symbol of Paris and France, and romance as well. Over 200,000,000 tourists have visited the Eiffel Tower since it was constructed.

2. Take a cruise down the River Seine – A cruise down the Seine River offers a completely different view of the city, when compared to the views from the Eiffel Tower. There are several boats that allow you to take a cruise down the river and this is an ideal way to see Paris up close and take in all its historic and architectural wonders. It is also a great way to voluntarily halt your sightseeing spree and relax with friends and family as you cruise through one of the most famous waterways in Paris.

3. Shop at the Champs Elysees – The Champs Elysees, a tree lined avenue in the heart of Paris is another place you should most definitely visit for a shopping experience. Dotted with a number of high end stores by world renowned brands and replete with cafes and cinemas, all with the intention of keeping you entertained the Champs Elysees or ‘the most beautiful avenue in the world’ as the locals call is well worth the visit.

4. See the Louvre – With its centuries of art and history on display, the Louvre is another place you must visit on your trip to Paris. One of the most well known museums in the world, the Louvre is home to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and art, paintings and sculptures from various other parts of the world like Rome, Egypt and Islamic cultures as well.

5. Visit the Conciergerie – For those who have an interest in the French Revolution, or even just remember enough from their lessons in school, a visit to the Conciergerie would be worthwhile. The building reeks of character and it was here that many a nobleman and noblewoman, including the infamous French Queen Marie Antoinette were beheaded during the revolution.

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