Paris Hilton Shoes


With her own clothing line Paris Hilton never ceases to amaze and impress. With her new shoe line, young women can enjoy the tremendous style, quality and affordability of these new Paris Hilton shoes.

“Paris Hilton Footwear is perfect for the fashion-forward young woman who wants to look and feel great from head-to-toe, without spending a fortune.” – Paris Hilton

Who could say it better than the queen of fashion herself? It has been rumored that the queen bee owns over one thousand pairs of shoes, and none of them were under $ 150. With that said, she also has personally made sure that the shoes offered through the Paris Hilton Shoe Collection are all under $ 160. The lowest marked pair of shoes in the collection is $ 60. Paris Hilton realizes that not everyone has thousands to spend on a new wardrobe and has worked extra hard to bring a shoe collection that offers fashion, quality and affordability to women everywhere.

Every Kind of Shoe Imaginable!

The new Paris Hilton line of shoes offers a little something for everyone, whether you are looking for something sexy, something practical or even sport shoes with a fashion flare. You can find just about everything you would ever need for your closet in this line, all with a tremendous amount of style. No matter what your personal style or mood, you’ll always find a new pair of shoes that you just have to have in your closet from the Paris Hilton collection.

Comfort with Heart!

Every pair of Paris Hilton shoes has comfort pads designed right into the style of the shoe so not only are these shoes stylish and affordable, but they are extremely comfortable as well. The comfort pads are shaped like a heart to add that girly touch to each pair.


The entire line of Paris Hilton shoes ranges in price from $ 60 to $ 160 and that makes them incredibly affordable for even the fashionable teen that works part-time after school. Compared to other styles and brands of shoes that offer this much style and this much comfort, these prices are a steal. At these prices, you can have a whole new shoe wardrobe and still not break the bank!

High Quality

Paris Hilton’s new line of shoes has filled a need for many ‘fashion forward’ women, young or old, and Paris has done that by personally choosing all of the fabrics and materials for the entire line. She’s chosen hip and fashionable fabrics and colors ranging from black leather, to pink patent to leopard print velvet. All materials are of high quality and make for a shoe that will be long-lasting and wear beautifully.


As a stylish way to ensure authenticity, all Paris Hilton shoes come with a pink sole.  If the soles aren’t pink, they aren’t Paris Hilton shoes.

Paris Hilton’s shoes offer it all – choice, comfort, affordability and quality – so no matter what your outfit, Paris Hilton’s new line of stylish and trendy shoes has a quality pair of affordable shoes to match it perfectly.

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