Paris Travel Guide 2018 – Tips for visiting Paris // Chris Winter Travel

Paris Travel Guide 2018 – Tips for visiting Paris // Chris Winter Travel

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever travel vlog, I hope you like it 🙂

Paris Travel Guide & Paris Travel Tips – Filmed in Paris, France

Paris to me and millions of others is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, so for this trip, I decided to visit the French capital Paris on Valentines Day to give you some travel tips.

Topic 1: Food in Paris

There are so many things to see and do in Paris, but one thign for sure that you should be keen to look out for is the food.

From the moment you arrive in Paris, you’ll notice just the abundance of little cafes, food stores and fresh fruit stands that litter the streets.

So if you’ve got time, try and sample as many of these delicacys as you can. And in France, dont be afraid to even visit some of the supermarkets such as the famous carrfour. Even these stock some beautiful meats and cheeses from around the country.

Topic 2: How to get around in Paris

Now even though Paris is a huge city, its not impossible to get around to many of the famous attractions by foot. On a map, these can seem pretty far apart, but in reality many in the centre are within walking distance of each other.
But of course France is the home of hte Tour de France so there are number of bike sharing bikes available all throughout the city. Not only that, Paris also has many bike lanes dedicated for cyclsits which makes it a little safer to get around.

But if the weather is really cold, like it was for us, we also found that uber works great here with cars redilly available and the prices were pretty cheap to.

Topic 3: Attractions in Paris

Now if youve never been to Paris before, its defintiely worht visiting some of the landmarks because the city has so many of them. And like I said before, most are within a short stroll of each other. Without a doubt, the most famous of all is the Eiffel tower in Paris which you can view from the beautiful park down below or head up the trocadero area and get a great view from the top of Paris.
If you’re more into shopping, you’ll want to head the Champs Elysees. Its an incredible road filled with restuarants and shops in Paris and at the very top is the Arch du triumph which is defintiely one to check out.

The louvre houses some of the worlds most famous art pieces but can get incredibly busy even in February in Paris when we went. So a little tip is to book online in advance for your tickets so you dont have to wait hours to get in.

Topic 4: Shows in Paris

One of my bucket list items was to visit the amazing and famous Moulin Rouge in Paris and fortunately, our hotel was just a few minutes walk away. Paris has a number of fantastic cabaret shows and performances and I’d highly recommend you visit one if you can.

It might seem expensive at first, but its something you’ll never regret goign to even if youre not particualy into this type of show in Paris.

Topic 5: Eiffel Tower at night in Paris

And lastly one night you must visit the Eiffel Tower after dark in Paris.
It’s truly one of the most incredible sights you’ll see and the videos and photos dont do it justice. So make sure you get to paris one day to experience it for yourself.


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