Pay child support for a kid that is not yours or go to jail

Pay child support for a kid that is not yours or go to jail

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The state told a Detroit man: Pay child support for a kid that is not yours or go to jail! On Friday, 7 Action News went with him as he turned himself in at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

“I stayed up all night. Couldn’t sleep thinking about it,” said Carnell Alexander.

Carnell says no matter what the state orders, he won’t pay child support for a child he doesn’t know and that DNA tests prove isn’t his.

“I haven’t even had a chance to speak to him except for one time when we took a DNA test,” said Carnell.

This is a case that started in the late eighties. An ex-girlfriend of Carnell’s had a baby. She needed help providing for the child. She was told that in order to get welfare she had to name a dad on paperwork. She put down Carnell’s name.

The state then started a paternity case against Carnell to collect money for the assistance provided.

A process server turned in paperwork saying Carnell was given notice at a house in Highland Park. It is something the Michigan Department of Corrections says is impossible. At the time, Carnell was incarcerated for a crime he committed as a young man.

Carnell says he would find out about the paternity action in 1991 when he was arrested for being a deadbeat dad during a traffic stop.

He has been fighting it since.

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