Pearls of beauty


For centuries, pearls have been synonymous with an ethereal beauty and transcendent wisdom. Pearl jewellery has adorned the bodies of Queens and Empresses throughout history and has constantly remained a favourite treasured gift of love from the lover to his beloved. Natural pearls are still comparatively rare and because of this rarity, are extremely expensive and coveted. Pearl fishing is often heavily restricted, with licences granted to a select few specialist outfits. However, cultured pearls, although they rely on the intervention of man, can still be classed as ‘real pearls’ and are increasingly used in the design of luxury items such as beautiful pearl necklaces.

Cultured pearls can be nurtured and produced in order to ensure that they have outstanding qualities of iridescence and lustre, and indeed, to all but the most expertly trained eye, cultured pearl jewellery is often indistinguishable from jewellery which uses natural pearls. If you are considering a selection of pearl necklaces offered by different companies, be sure to check the quality of pearls on offer as well as the design expertise and craftsmanship. A few select companies offer a bespoke service whereby the customer is able to design a necklace or bracelet using a number of cultures pearls which are expertly strung by the manufacturer. By choosing this tailor-made option, you can rest assured that the gift which you have designed for your loved one is guaranteed to be unique and deeply appreciated.

Any type of pearl jewellery is sure to be treasured but an individually designed piece is sure to become a family heirloom, which will be admired for generations to come. It is also wise to choose a company which has been in business for several years and allows you to consider testimonials from satisfied customers, as personal recommendations are highly regarded as assurances of quality and service. Independent comparison sites can also be useful in terms of deciding which firms offer the best service, value for money, versatility and quality of products.

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