Personalized Retirement Cakes


When a person decides to retire, a retirement party is often provided to the retiree. As a tradition, a cake is presented as a tribute to the retiree. The center of the celebration will be the retiring person. But at the food corner, the CAKE will absolutely be the center of attention!

Typically, cakes during this type of occasions are simple. What matters is the sincerity of the greeting. Commonly, retirement cakes are easy to slice and are shared by the hosts and guests. That is the reason why a retirement cake must be large enough to feed a large crowd. In small retirement celebrations, a square cake or a round cake with two layers are very popular.

Butter Cream Cake

Below are the procedures in creating a basic butter cream designed cake:

1.  Bake a cake that is large enough to serve the expected crowd at the party.
2.  As soon as the cake is cooled, spread a thin layer of frosting.
3.  After the icing is placed, nicely set all the crumbs of the cake.
4.  Write a sincere message on the top of the cake using a thinned layer of butter cream.
5.  Style your cake with decorating flowers, candles and other decorative ornaments.
6.  You can also create a border around, the top and bottom of the cake. Create patterns that will serve as borders of your cake by piping the butter cream frosting.

Retirement Cake Decoration using Fondant

To personalize the retirement cake, design it with pretty ornaments and cake decorating flowers.. Let’s say you already purchase your ready – made fondant from a nearby baking shop. Just add color on your fondant using your special designing tools. You can also use a cookie cutter to form various shapes such as stars, plants, animals and cars and place it on the cake to make it look appealing.

To improve the over – all look of the fondant cake, use small templates and cut out the letters.  You can add them on the cake as well. Aside from the lettering, you may also use a cookie cutter, scissors or just a knife to cut out seasonal stuffs such as autumn leaves, snowflakes and flowers shapes.

Many are fond using fondant and butter cream since they are easy to style and decorate. Be creative. Have fun designing!

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