Pesticide Containers Packaging Defects And Solutions Analysis

.tags Pesticide products now Package The rapid development of the former “first-class product, second-class packaging” produce a qualitative leap. Casually walked into a pesticide market, you will be the impact of a wide variety of brands: national brands, local brands, manufacturer brands, the old brand, the new brand … dazzling. Red, green, white, yellow, black, gold, colorful colors stimulate strong consumer, coupled with high, low, and fat, thin variety of pesticide bottles neat row on the array. Each of these packages are the characteristics and the “style”, many of whom are pretty generous outstanding, transparent glass texture, touching the “posture” (shape) more be hidden, “purdah to be the word” (for sale). But some fish in a lot of factory produced pesticides, different brands may be pesticide bottle is exactly the same, you install my irrigation, paste Label The factory. Such as “market risk”, as “speculation”, but forget the identity, environment, Sell Object, along with others run the blind pursuit of grandeur, is brand suicide behavior, the consequences can not be underestimated.

The saying goes, people rely on clothes horse by the saddle, with a good product, good packaging but also match with it. Western countries Marketing Experts believe that “packaging is the silent salesman,” “Packaging is an advertising tool,” “package to provide consumers with convenience and security” … … The packaging design concept, reflecting the spirit of packaging services.

Product packaging is the best advertisement in today’s highly competitive sales, this sentence is saying and the strong impact of product packaging can often buy consumer awareness about good packaging design is the key to sales success components. Packaging market as open up the market and an important means of occupation, resulting in a growing number of manufacturers to improve packaging design placed in an important position in its market strategy.

The growing homogenization of goods today, “selling products” have to “sell packaging”, the role of packaging is often underestimated, but the store’s customers to sell products has played an important role. Only 20% of the market for advertising products in the remaining 80% must be themselves to sell yourself. When consumers open the package he purchased, it is another challenge on the pesticide containers. If you open the process and contents of the products are in line with the expectations of the consumer purchase, then he might still buy the product at the next. Therefore, attractive packaging design is essential. In the same premise of quality, those inherent quality, packaged goods and more competitive, more love and win the favor of consumers. In the absence of advertising, when a branded product to attract consumer attention to it? If the product does not appear in advertising, packaging, then the product in retail stores how to recognize it? In addition to the traditional packaging functions (such as protection products), its function becomes more and more marketing of the industry’s attention.

The main purpose of packaging and basic functions

A packaging purposes Description of goods: by packaging elements, so that consumers understand the content of goods, brand and name.

* A mark of: goods shelf, barcode, load limits, Environmental protection Mark … … and so the message must be clearly marked in accordance with regulations 11.

* Communication: * Occupy shelf space: the final battle of goods in the stores, how long with a short-brand competition, how to create a better visual space, are packaging design considerations.

* Active, aroused the desire to buy: mix of packaging design and advertising, consumer goods can produce memory, then a wide variety of merchandise from the shelves stand out.

* Self-Sales: the most commercial packaging is the packaging of consumer engagement, a good packaging design product must indeed provide information to consumers, and consumers at a distance of 60 cm (normal hand length), 3 seconds fast browsing, at first glance, “I need is you!” So successful product packaging design can easily achieve the purpose of self-marketing.

* Promotion: To clear the message of this product promotions, packaging, promotional content is sometimes necessary to meet the redesign, such as incremental, discounted, cut prices, buy one get one free gifts and other promotional content.

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